60 Votes Can't Buy Gun Control Love: What it means for us in the time of Gangster Government

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 16 May 2009 10:49:42 GMT  <== RKBA ==> 

Mike Vanderboegh - another good one, covering the guns-in-parks amendment and reminding us not to make another Fort Sumter, but to be prepared to go for the jugular should the "gangster government" attack.

We have it in our power to prevent another Fort Sumter. We have little ability to directly prevent another Reichstag Fire. We can however prepare ourselves for it in a way that reduces its attractions to the new Gangster Government.

1. We can build Oath-Keepers. No matter what the provocation, if enough of the military and police forces of the United States have been reminded of their oaths, the Obamanoids will find it difficult to achieve critical mass for their tyranny. Find and reach out to potential oath keepers in state and local law enforcement agencies. The oath is the most powerful weapon we have, one that is aimed like a dagger at the heart of potential tyranny. BUILD OATH KEEPERS.

2. Strip them of their legitimacy. We can continue to point out as much as we can in whatever venue that we can that the administration is a Gangster Government. As the anger in the people rises with the gradual stripping off of the layers of velvet fiction they have wrapped around this iron collectivist fist, we can attack the regime's legitimacy. We must do this every day, in private and public conversations. If someone as straight-laced as George Will and Michael Barone can refer to the Obamanoids as "Gangster Government" does that mean we will be called "conspiracy theorists" if we do the same? The evidence is piling up. Let us use it as fuel to burn their faux legitimacy to a cinder.

3. Train, cache, arm, prepare. Let us continue to do all those things we have already been doing, only redouble our efforts.

Finally, if a Reichstag Fire comes, we can refuse to make the same mistake the German anti-Nazis did. They sat at home, waiting for orders, and were scooped up one by one. That is where the Three Percenters come in. We must make it plain that no matter what the flimsy excuse, if we are attacked we will respond, directly, to the heart of the beast.

Take not counsel of your fears. Let THEM take counsel of THEIR fears. Quit worrying about what they will do to you when they attack. Start thinking about what you will do to them for the temerity of attempting to destroy the Founders' Republic and shredding what is left of the Constitution by attacking you in your home because some tyrannical weasel told them to.

Even at 3% of gun owners, WE outnumber THEM. Remind them of it, every chance you get.

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