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# - Why Mommy Can't Do Yoga - R-Rated Windows Media video. Hahahahaha.

# Jerry Pournelle - The Founders' Constitution - The University of Chicago is providing a free online copy of The Founders' Consitution, a five-volume reference, edited by Philip B. Kurland and Ralph Lerner. I haven't looked at it yet. Added to the "Other Directories" section of my links page, right below the U.S. Code. [smith2004]

What's it all about? Only all the essential references to the sources from which the Constitution sprang. Not only do we have all the various philosophers, but court cases, laws, bills of rights and legislative debate (the debate on the Second Amendment in the House of Representatives is highly illuminating, for example).

It is the most important sourcebook for studying our Constitution.

# Gun Week - Two-Week UN Firearms PrepCom Meet Runs Jan. 9-20 - the CommU.N.ists are meeting in New York again to attempt to steal our guns. This appears to be one place where Bushnev's man, John Bolton, is representing our interests well. [gunweek]

# Edgar J. Steele - WhirlyBen, the Globo and the Great American Gold Grab (Here Comes Gold Confiscation) - a short economics lesson, why Mr. Steele thinks that gold ownership will once again be forbidden to Americans, and investment advice to avoid the confiscation and survive the hyper-inflation when the dollar goes south.

FDR didn't need to confiscate gold because it served as backing for the dollar. He seized gold because our masters wanted to ensure that they made the windfall profit on its possession when FDR devalued the dollar, not common riffraff like you and I (known to government insiders as "suckers"). And when FDR announced the new price for gold, after he had confiscated as much as he could from private citizens, those guys made a killing.

The same situation exists today. When the dollar does its best imitation of a dead-cat bounce, the price of gold (and silver and platinum and rhodium and palladium) will go to the Moon, Alice. Don't forget: Paper bad. Metal good. Those who hold precious metals will make a killing. Guess who thinks that only they deserve to make that killing? The same guys as before, that's who, which is why the private ownership of gold bullion in any form almost certainly will be outlawed before the dollar does its swan dive.


Second, however, for the first time, numismatic coins are being defined and excluded...for what reason, exactly? There is only one possible interpretation: so that all other coins and forms of precious metals will already have been tracked and reported upon when the government issues a confiscation order for gold. This is the same thing as gun registration, which always precedes gun confiscation, folks. That's why this type of law, until now restricted to banks and securities firms, has been expanded to include dealers in all forms of precious metals, particularly coin dealers. A great many pawn shops will fall in line now, too.

I said that ordinary citizens are the real targets of this law. Here's why: reporting will allow the government to see "structuring" (conducting a large deal surreptitiously by breaking it into many smaller, hopefully unnoticeable, deals) by citizens who buy or sell a few coins from or to each of several coin shops. Until now, each deal has kept such people below the reportable threshold, so that the IRS never was the wiser. Now it will be a snap for government computers to aggregate all sales by individuals, no matter where made in the United States. Since a lot of people currently hold bullion which has doubled in value recently, this is a big deal. It will become a much bigger deal when bullion becomes valued in dog dollars. It also is a big deal if the government is to effectively implement the Globo once the dollar is dumped - they've got to stamp out the cash economy.

Too paranoid, you say? No. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that this law, designed to stamp out money laundering by coin dealers, in the main, actually will encourage a great many coin dealers to take up money laundering,. due to the profit potential that will accrue from individuals wishing to evade the reporting requirements, for whatever reason.

# Radly Balko - News on the Cory Maye Case: Bob Evans Fired as Prentiss Public Defender - Bob Evans is still Cory Maye's public defender, but he is no longer being paid by the city of Prentiss, Mississippi. They fired him because they don't like how he's representing Mr. Maye. From an email from Mr. Evans to Mr. Balko: [clairefiles]

What it boils down to is something that I have known and personally observed about members of the "unwashed masses" for many years: When the Constitution and Bill of Rights are applied to benefit others, the right to counsel, due process, fair trial et al. are "technicalities". Criminals get off on technicalities such as the 4th Amendment. Only when one of their asses is in a sling are these same documents "fundamental rights".

But what the hell. Four hundred a month ain't gonna bankrupt me. This decision, to me, is an indication that the "powers that be" actually believe that we can win Cory's appeal. That is a refreshing thought. I have always liked the adage "He who laughs last laughs best."

# Kieren McCarthy at The Register - 2005: The year the US government undermined the internet - I skipped over this story when I first encountered it a week ago. Fortunately, I was encouraged to read it again. It seems that the U.S. has made a precedent of turning over some top-level domains to governments against the wishes of their previous owners. Could be bad news for the domain name system (DNS). It suggests a project: collect a huge database of domain name information. Encourage mirrors. Teach people how to populate their /etc/hosts file to avoid the DNS. I may do this. [smith2004]

# Toby Bridges at Gun Week - Goex Blackpowder Substitute Cleans Up Muzzleloaders - "Pinnacle", from Goex and American Pioneer Powder gives Hodgdon's Pyrodex and Triple-Se7en a run for their money. And it shoots cleaner. My local gun shop owner found it in his distributors catalog. His comment was, "Not another black powder substitute." If it's really as much cleaner as Mr. Bridges says, however, it's worth a try. [gunweek]

# Skype 2.0 does video. Don't have a camera, so I haven't tried that part of it yet, but it has some nifty new sounds, and the chat update seems faster. [skype]

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