WhiteHouse.gov on Guns

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Wed, 21 Jan 2009 13:32:18 GMT  <== RKBA ==> 

WhiteHouse.gov has been updated for the Obamao administration's takeover.

The Urban Policy page includes the following, which is an exact copy (I compared them) of the corresponding text on Change.gov. No change here. Same old gun-grabbing agenda.

Address Gun Violence in Cities: Obama and Biden would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade. Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals. They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof. They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent.

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Ah, the mask comes off of the

Submitted by iloilo Jones on Wed, 21 Jan 2009 22:42:34 GMT

Ah, the mask comes off of the Hitler-inspired rules so very, very soon.
Change. We have change.

Disarm everyone you can, and then you can do what you want with them.

As Huey Newton said, "An unarmed people are subject to slavery at any time."
Pol Pot knew that as well.

Here we go.

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