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Jeremy Ruston has created a new (to me) way to maintain a web site. It brings wikis and weblogs into the Ajax / Web 2.0 world. It stores an entire web site in a single HTML file, using JavaScript for navigation and editing. Trés cool! My description doesn't do it justice. Play with it yourself: TiddlyWiki.com.

tiddlyspot provides free TiddlyWiki hosting. I started a site there: The Frontierist.

Though it's really neat to store an entire web site in one file, the problem is that that file starts out pretty big (over 200K), and gets bigger as you add content. There is discussion on separating the code from the data, and BidiX has created a DownloadService which does just this, with a web backend to allow saving directly to the web (tiddlyspot uses an earlier version of that backend, which saves the whole-thing-in-one-file to the web).

Wiki on a Stick is a minimalist implementation of this idea, with only 50K of script in the initial file. I found TiddlyWiki in the Wiki on a Stick source. Thanks to Kenneth Hensley (klhrevolutionist) for the link.

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Thanks to John Kennedy

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 04 Nov 2006 16:16:51 GMT

Thanks to John Kennedy for noticing that I misspelled frontierist. Fixed here and on tiddlyspot. That site is now http://frontierist.tiddlyspot.com/

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