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There Will Be No Revolution by George Potter. Writen in 2004, Mr. Potter considers this "the best post" he has "ever made on any message board." A tour-de-force on practical anarchism. We're not going to have an anarchist society any time soon. Not in our lifetimes. Not in our great-grand-children's lifetimes. Instead of calling ourselves anarchists, we should call ourselves frontierists, and we should constantly push the frontier. Those at the frontier have always made their own rules, governed mostly by the need to survive. Humans are tool builders. That's what we do. And as our tools get better and better, we'll be able to push the frontiers further and further, to the point where nobody who doesn't like the status quo will have to live with it. [clairefiles]

And guess what? The state is just another tool. Ignore the meatbags at the controls for a moment, and look at it. It's just a tool for organization and social control. The machine of state is amoral like all other tools. The morality of this tool is the morality of its user. Sadly, almost all of it's users are criminals. No surprise, it was started by criminals, pure bandits, when agriculture was invented. Agriculture demands that a growing population must stay rooted in the same spot. They live in that spot, producing wealth. Not long after, bandits happened along. Rather than join in the production of wealth, they saw it would be easier to just terrify the hardworking farmers into giving them tribute.

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