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L. Neil Smith at Random - Neil answers a reader question about why he doesn't believe the human caused global warming myth.

So,lacking other data, I looked at the character of those pushing the idea of Global Warming. They included leftist politicos I knew to be opportunistic liars in other contexts -- particularly gun ownership -- along with movie stars and other brain-dead celebrities that flock to any cause that attacks private industrial capitalism and individual liberty. Some may criticize me for ad hominem thinking, but when you don't have reliable scientific information (which I didn't back then), what else can you rely on but your understanding of the personalities involved?


I guess the final "social" fact that made me suspicious was the way people -- especially legislators -- were being pushed, rushed along, encouraged only to believe and act, not to think, "Because it's too late for that, and even if it weren't, we can't risk not doing something."


The 2008-2009 winter handed one humiliating defeat after another
to Algore and his warming wonks, as their lectures, meetings, and
rallys had to be postponed or cancelled due to record cold and heavy
snowfalls. It was their attribution of these lower temperatures to
global warming that confirmed my suspicion we were dealing with a new

The final nail in the coffin of manmade Global Warming was the
incovenient truth that Mars and Jupiter were also warming up. I knew
for damn sure that my Durango wasn't responsible for that, nor were
anybody's cows. The sun was in a relatively sunspot-free period and
was shining a little more brightly on the many rocks whirling around

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