The Prince Of Pot Prepares For Battle

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Heather Wallace at Orato - an interview with Marc Emery about his upcoming May 28 extradition hearing. If Canada decides to extradite him to the US, he will likely receive a life sentence, for selling seeds, to consenting adults.

I've been an advocate willing to go to jail, and that's very important. You can write letters and such, but when you're starting to put your life and your freedom on the line, that's when you can say you really became an activist. I first dared the police to jail me for cannabis in 1990, when Canada actually passed a law banning all videos and literature about marijuana, pulling High Times Magazine and the like. It was bizarre that they thought they could get away with it. I've been jailed for dozens of offences - nothing unsavory, all for civil liberty offences. I've been convicted of trying to overturn the obscenity laws and sent to jail for Sunday shopping violations. I've been a really hardcore activist for 17 years now.


The United States has always hated and targeted me. I heckled Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy John Walters when he came here November 2002 to speak to the Board of Trade about why we should stop our marijuana legalization ways and the safe injection site for heroin users. We called him an assh*le and a liar and all that, and of course he self-destructed and went into a conniption fit. He screamed and yelled and said if we legalized pot, there'd be hell to pay. Three days later, the Vancouver Police Department launched an investigation against me, which eight months later, in August 2002, was sent to the District Attorney. Of course he declined to prosecute. The police, in their frustration, handed the file over to the DEA in October 2003, and by May 2005, they'd sworn an indictment against me in Seattle.

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