Scorched Earth

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 25 Mar 2007 12:45:14 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

L. Neil Smith at The Libertarian Enterprise - Neil puts the victim disarmament crowd on the pedastal they deserve, along with the world's worst tyrants and mass murderers. [tle]

In between these examples, dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of equally evil, stupid, or crazy specimens are lined up in Congress, and in state legislatures and city councils right across the country, spouting their own flavor of malarky in a renewed attempt to use the government to violently threaten everybody else's life, liberty, and property. This is the legislative environment in which we're all going to be living the next five or nine years, an environment in which, for a number of solidly undeniable reasons, only libertarians can lead the opposition.

Consider: if the GOP were anything even remotely similar to what most conservatives fondly believe it it, they'd have repealed Lyndon Johnson's 1968 Gun Control Act--not to mention Franklin Roosevelt's 1934 National Firearms Act--when they finally had the power to do it.

But with regard to the individual right to own and carry weapons, Republicans showed the world what they are truly made of, when they pusillanimously rolled over on their backs, spread their legs (and ours), and permitted Bill Clinton to rape the Second Amendment by enacting the two laws I mentioned earlier, as well as the vile Brady Bill, a national registration scheme--and a purely Republican invention--aimed chiefly at intimidating women out of buying guns, that still violates the highest law of the land thousands of times a day.


That's why those of us on the other side have to stop screwing around--allying ourselves with the NRA copsuckers is not a good strategy--and aim straight at repealing every single gun law in the country. We're in a better position at this moment than we have ever been. We hurt Rosie O'Donnel and K-Mart seriously, and it didn't go unnoticed by the other side. We forced Smith & Wesson into bankruptcy not once, but two or three times. And we have ended the career of Jim Zumbo.

We must show the rest no quarter. Those of us with the resources, talent, and inclination should investigate our enemies' backgrounds and make the results public. The way Hillary Clinton fought to hide her old school papers means that there's leverage there, somewhere. We must discover what businesses they and their families own, and boycott them. We must do our damnedest to bankrupt any towns where they hold sway.

Most importantly, we must sort out all their other pet political causes and make their anti-gun stance into a liability they'll hop to abandon.

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