Lost and Found

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 31 Mar 2007 20:35:50 GMT  <== Entertainment ==> 

Halffast at AR15.com - another survival novel by the author of Lights Out. Kept my interest through the first six chapters. Going back for more.

He sat in his townhouse apartment, listening to the radio and eating a bowl of Spaghetti-o's that he had heated up on his backpacking stove. The news was getting worse. Many people were running out of food and the governments, both local and national, were losing control. DJ had heard shots down the street just last night. It was probably time to get the hell out of Dodge he thought as he listened to the droning reports. He decided that he would start loading up and head out to his bug out location. He would have left earlier, but once before it had looked like things were going south and he had bugged out. Things turned around before anything bad happened, but when he got back, he found that he had lost his job. He really liked the job he had now and didn't want to lose it, so he waited this time. By the time it was obvious that this was the real deal, the arteries out of the city had become clogged. Then, martial law had been declared. It would be a risk to leave. But, not as big a gamble as staying in the city once the authorities lost complete control over the situation.

There had been many theories on what had started 'The Smash.' It seemed like there were five to ten experts on the television news channels each day, and each of them had a new pet hypothesis. At least there had been for the few days from when the shit really hit the fan until yesterday, when the electricity had gone out. Some of the authorities had said it was fuel prices; others blamed the shrinking value of the dollar. The burst of the housing bubble had some proponents, and a few even thought the government had done it deliberately. Three or four had less popular suppositions, but all the so-called experts agreed that this was the worst thing to happen to America since the stock market crash in '29.

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