The Control Cult

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 21 Apr 2007 14:40:26 GMT  <== RKBA ==> 

Butler Shaffer at - in the aftermath of the VA Tech murders, those who want to control everything have raised the pitch of their insane whine. Mr. Shaffer reminds us that nobody can protect you but you. [lew]

Those who want control over us have taught us that they -- if given enough power -- can protect us from the destructive and murderous rampages of madmen. The Cho Seung-Huis and the Saddam Husseins of our troubled world will continue to be offered up to us as the destructive, murderous madmen from whom we need the protection of state officials. But the war system ought to be a stark reminder that it is political authorities who are the madmen; who destroy property, ravage economies, and -- in the 20th century alone -- butchered some 200,000,000 people in pursuit of their psychotic ambitions to control the rest of humanity.

Most of your life is -- and will continue to be -- spent in peaceful relationships with others. But there will be the occasional thug with whom you may have to contend. Your ability to defend yourself will always depend upon the actions you take, with the resources you have available. You are more likely to prevail if you have disabused yourself of the notion that the state -- or any other established system -- will be there to prevent such threats to you. To this end, if you draw nothing else from the terrible events of this past week, let it be the awareness that there is nothing that anyone in authority can do to protect you from the unpredictabilities and uncertainties of life.

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