The Present Peace Movement

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Wed, 18 Apr 2007 10:57:48 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

Angelo Mike at Strike the Root - Mr. Mike went to a "peace" conference at Catholic University. The speakers talked about ending war and violence, but they were perfectly OK with the government using violence to force people to act how they want. Or, more likely, they haven't yet become aware of The Gun in the Room with all crime-inventing legislation. [root]

She later talked about conditions in Washington , D.C. , where Catholic University is located. D.C., having been the murder capital of America not too long ago, is still a relatively unsafe city. And by my own measure, miserable. Wein talked about the recent Supreme Court lifting of the ban on handguns in the district, which she said that she couldn't get.

Libertarianism has a funny way of shedding light on an entirely different chain of reasoning than that which most people see. While she saw the gun ban as an act of peace, I saw it as the most dangerous gang of people on earth violently disarming hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Like the war on drugs, the war on guns is futile. It creates black market profits for gun sellers, who are people who are either dangerous or risky enough to be willing to sell guns illegally and to enforce their own rules of the trade without the possibility of legitimate legal recourse against thieves and frauds. The people most threatened by the gun ban are those who need cheap guns to defend themselves but don't want to risk being aggressed against by the most overwhelming gang of all, the state.

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