STR: A Glorious Decade of Radicalism

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 11 Aug 2011 13:34:25 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

Per Bylund at Strike the Root - Strike the Root has been providing rational support of voluntaryist philosophy for ten years now. Congratulations and good work!

The question we need to address is how we make this peaceful idea of voluntarism relevant. It certainly is relevant to us, but why not to more? And why do so many rely on threats and violence to forcefully organize society? People are generally peaceful and respectful, so it does not make sense that they so wholly support their oppressor, the State. So our ideas should be relevant. They should be welcomed by most, if not all.

But they are not. And forcing someone to listen to our arguments is counterproductive in so many ways I do not even need to mention why. So we need to have patience and respectfully allow people to come to the conclusion that they are but serfs in a world molded by the ruling class. Democracy is a sham and an illusion, and serves only to grant our unproductive rulers legitimacy to continue to feed off our efforts. People will come to us in time, and we need to patiently and consistently show that our alternative is the moral one. We stand for peace and liberty and respect; nobody else does.


Freedom is ours to take if we want it. But it requires action. Strike The Root can offer the inspiration and ideas, as well as the contacts to make it possible. Let’s replace the State from the bottom up!

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the next step

Submitted by Junker on Sat, 13 Aug 2011 02:34:53 GMT

"We have the infrastructure for sharing and exchanging ideas; the next step is to extend the infrastructure to include support for saving ourselves and living out of the State’s reach. What we need is the infrastructure to trade products and services or share contacts that we can trust for local exchange without government intrusion. The question is, are we up for taking that step?"

"What we need is the infrastructure to trade products and services..."

Commo and money.

Commo: encryption
Commo infrastructure: Internet or Sneakernet

Money: Gold or Silver
Money infrastructure: electronic trading system, see Loom

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