So the Constitution Really Is Just a G**d*** Piece of Paper

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 28 Oct 2007 11:31:01 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

hermit at - "Why George Bush was right, and why he is not the enemy". So Bushnev isn't an evil dictator after all. He's really a patriot, taking away our liberties in an attempt to fan the fires of liberty high enough to start another revolution. Well, his nefarious plan has worked very well on me. Unfortunately, there aren't millions of others, as evidenced by his continuing ability to draw breath.

But let me back up a bit first. I've always thought I was a proponent of the 2nd Amendment. However, listening to some Libertarian rant about the Constitution last week, I finally connected the dots.

I am actually a proponent of the right to self-defense. The 2nd Amendment is just a poorly worded attempt to acknowledge that right. To spell it out, every human being--in fact, every living creature--has the indisputable, unalienable right to defend itself, its family, and its possessions, to the best of its ability and by any means necessary, from anyone or anything that threatens it. In human society, the only exception to that is when one person's rights are infringing on another's; that's what we have courts for.

So, my right "to keep and bear arms", is something that is built into the fabric of Life ... God-given ... a Law of Nature ... however you want to phrase it. But regardless, it is absolutely not a right that was given to me by any man, any government, or any g**d*** piece of paper.

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Couldn't agree more. I don't

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 28 Oct 2007 22:01:24 GMT

Couldn't agree more. I don't know who said it but if they want to take your means of defending yourself, it's because they want to do things to you that they couldn't do if you were armed.

I can't believe people can't see that.

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