Operation #EFAD, Communiqué #4: D-Day Minus Four, Sunday, February 26

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 27 Feb 2012 12:08:38 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

Bracken's latest missive, from the Official Operation #EFAD Communiqués page. You are remembering to echo these on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc? Good.

Amazon eBook link (order here on Thursday, March 1)

Communiqué #4: D-Day Minus Four, Sunday, February 26 (Older communiques are below)

Today's communique will be short; nothing like yesterday's Twitter tutorial. I'm excited to see that Twitter, the switch engine of the internet, is really heating up with Operation #EFAD tweets. Today let's keep the momentum building. Keep posting new tweets, and re-tweeting (RT) any that you see. Be sure to include #EFAD, so we can find them all for easy re-tweeting.

But Twitter is just one cog in the internet engine. Keep posting about Operation #EFAD on Facebook, and firearms, RKBA and other freedom-oriented blogs and forums. Then do Google searches for keywords and phrases such as Enemies Foreign And Domestic and Fast And Furious, to tie those two stories together at the hip. When you find a link to Operation #EFAD, click the link, and try to leave a reply which includes the searchable keywords again, then copy the link into Twitter or Facebook. You know the drill by now. "Round and round she goes..."

This phase is not exciting to perform nor dramatic in immediately visible results attained. We are just prepping the battlefield, so that on D-Day, March 1, anybody searching for any information on Enemies Foreign And Domestic will be overwhelmed by the massive avalanche of positive information. We are just teeing up the football and getting the team warmed up for the kickoff on March 1.

There is an active thread discussing Operation #EFAD over on Free Republic at this link. I am live-blogging the op from that thread, so if you have ideas or input that you want to contribute to the effort, plenty of other active #EFAD operators will see them and share them on down the line.

Please keep the snowball rolling, leading up to March 1. Remember, the goal is to drive the free downloads of EFAD to #1 in the Kindle free book library, so that the MSM will be forced to take notice this "dangerous and seditious anti-government novel."

(I mean, pass the smelling salts, George--the book as a yellow Tea Party flag AND an assault rifle on the cover! Oh--my--Gaia!")

Once that happens, we'll use that new attention as a stick to beat the MSM about the head and shoulders, for their shameful and disgusting collusion in the ongoing cover-up of Operation Fast And Furious, and other grossly illegal and unconstitutional usurpations and abuses of our Free Republic.


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