Gangster Government, and Sakharov's Immunity

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Matthew Bracken - I've been blogging about Bracken's Operation #EFAD. This essay is the reason he's been doing it, to highlight the Fast & Furious atrocities that Vanderboegh and Codrea have been reporting on for the past year.

The free Kindle version of "Enemies Foreign and Domestic" is available at Amazon. Got mine early this morning and started reading it. Gonna be fun!

Let's return to Watergate. When the activities of the Nixon Whitehouse "Plumbers" became known, a vigorous media examination provided the water and bleach to quickly disinfect the mess and restore the integrity of government institutions. Officials as high as the U.S. Attorney General went to prison, and President Nixon was forced from office in abject disgrace.

However, nothing like that happens today, under the willfully averted gaze of "state controlled media." Operation Fast and Furious, a scandal that is demonstrably orders of magnitude worse than Watergate, gets a complete pass. The MSM is too busy covering the latest celebrity escapades to be bothered with mere mass-murder, carried out as an intended part of a federal "law enforcement operation" (sic) at the Obama administration's direction.

How may we understand this disinterest by the elite media? Gangster Government, Inc. cannot thrive unless it can depend on its loyal GGI affiliates in the elite media. Without the looming threat of investigative reporting, Gangster Government is protected on its flanks, and is empowered to advance. The elite media becomes a willing shield for the gangsters, instead of a check against their depredations, all the while claiming objectivity in their reportage.

In effect, the elite media pisses on our heads and tells us it is raining, and then expects us not only to believe their lies, but to be happy about them. However, out here in the Bitter Clinger Nation, we do indeed see what is happening in sharp detail, and we know that it is not rain that is coming down. We understand, but we are simply unable to change the situation. Not when the elite media itself becomes a key part of the cover-up of Operation Fast And Furious and other manifestations of Gangster Government, Inc.

Matt Bracken

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