Operation #EFAD – Communique 2: D-Day Minus Six, February 24

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 25 Feb 2012 10:36:43 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

Matthew Bracken at Western Rifle Shooters - some todo requests today. Matt's Operation #EFAD communiqué archive is at http://www.enemiesforeignanddomestic.com/EFADcomm.htm .

Today’s action agenda will be short, sweet, and simple to carry out.

FIRST: please begin to collect hyperlinks to any blog postings or web forums that mention or discuss Operation #EFAD. Repost these links on Twitter, using the group hashtag #EFAD. Include any of the following Twitter hashtag groups in your tweets:

(and any other # groups you think would be interested in this operation.)

Repost any links to blogs or forums discussing Operation EFAD on your Facebook pages and personal blogs, and on any suitable internet forums that you follow. Keep any threads discussing Operation EFAD bumped to the top.

Email and private mail your friends whom you think might enjoy participating in this national psyop. Send them this link:

“About Enemies Foreign And Domestic”


The goal here is to achieve “Escape Viralocity.”

SECOND: Please begin to collect the email addresses (personal, not corporate, when possible) for as many national and local talk radio hosts and their production assistants as possible. Also collect the email addresses for other national media figures and internet heavyweights. These email addresses are often hidden beneath layers of corporate claptrap, meant to keep the unruly peasants at bay, but you can often find them with a bit of digging.

Easier, but just as important, begin to collect the Twitter @handles for the same local and national talk radio hosts, media figures, and internet bigshots. These email addresses and Twitter handles should be held in ready reserve, preparing for our phased “Time-On-Target” media barrage, leading up to D-Day, March 1, when Operation EFAD will go thermonuclear.

Thanks for all of your help! If this op takes off the way I believe it can, we will be able to force the elite lamestream media to finally confront some ugly truths about their collusion in the ongoing incremental theft of our “family crown jewels,” which is our legacy of American freedom.

As expected, it’s getting very busy here in the command bunker. I may be delayed in responding to emails, Facebook messages, and Tweets.

If my website is taken out in a denial of service attack, we might go dark for a few hours. In that case, don’t wait for new instructions, but “ride to the sound of the guns!”

Remember: D-Day is March 1.

Two links that will help:
“Operation EFAD Communiques”
“About Operation EFAD”

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