The Oft-told Lie

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 24 Feb 2012 12:01:01 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

Jim Davidson at The Libertarian Enterprise - government constantly lies about an epidemic of criminality to scare people into allowing them to make policies to enrich themselves and their friends.

It turns out that people are people, everywhere we go. There are no more "others." The Neanderthal sub-species has been entirely removed from Earth since roughly 40,000 years ago when homo sapiens still co-habited the planet with them. There is considerable evidence of inter-breeding. The dominant strains have won out—presumably hybrid vigour of greater strength and greater intelligence.


The oft-told lie has been told over and over again since 1794 to justify conscription, mass murder, taxation, war profiteering, and laws against all manner of activities. Perfectly ordinary work like turning corn and wheat into grain alcohol has been taxed and licensed to pay for Alexander Hamilton's national debt. Because people resisted these taxes, there were draft riots in major cities in 1794. George Washington demanded conscripts and got them. He marched 12,950 slave soldiers across Pennsylvania to attack peaceful farmers whose "crime" was tarring and feathering some evil vicious disgusting tax collectors. Twelve men died on the march. Some people were threatened, others hanged, and the Whiskey Rebellion collapsed.

There were no "others" of some foreign bizarre alien, un-earthly behaviour. The people in Western Pennsylvania were ordinary Scots-Irish and English speaking persons. They didn't deserve to be invaded and occupied by a military. The people who resisted the draft in Maryland and eastern Pennsylvania did not deserve to be enslaved as conscripts. The constitutional government was a counter-revolution, opposed to the basic freedoms identified in the declaration of independence, and it remains evil to this day.

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