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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Wed, 11 Jun 2003 12:00:00 GMT
From stanleyscoop:
"I voted Republican this year. The Democrats left a bad taste in my mouth." -- Monica Lewinsky
For the clueless, the above quote is a joke.

Kevin Tuma - Red Dragon - cartoon commentary on the ubiquity of the "Made in China" label. Not funny.

Ilana Mercer at World Net Daily - High crimes vs. Hillary & her husband - Hitlary's new book is in the news these days, which reminds us all of Klinton's impeachment. Well, Bushnev has outdone slick Willy big-time in the high crimes department. But you knew that. [rrnd]

Today's leading contender for contempt, however, is not Hillary, but President Bush and his deceiving administration.

At issue here are high crimes -- not misdemeanors -- that make Watergate and the Iran Contra, much less Bill Clinton's peccadilloes, pale in comparison. But to watch the debate, elevated to operatic levels by neoconservative opinion and policy makers, one gets the impression that whether Hillary really loves Bill or whether he caught her off guard are the defining moral questions of the day.

Wayne Madsen at Countrpunch - WeaponsGate: The Coming Downfall of Lying Regimes? - The neo-cons are in trouble, and rightly so. Hopefully, their treachery will mean the end of both the Bush and Blair regimes. Not that there's anybody better waiting to take their place... [grabbe]

Perhaps Conway was surprised because that is what the neo-cons wanted him and his fellow Marines to believe. Conway and his troops were merely additional victims of "Weaponsgate." Paul Wolfowitz, a chief neo-con cabalist, let the cat out of the bag in Singapore when he said that everyone could agree on a cause of war being Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. That would be the common denominator in justifying an attack, whether or not such weapons could ever be found. Wolfowitz also stated that Iraq's swimming on a "sea of oil" was the reason it had to be attacked and not, for example, North Korea. The fact that weapons of mass destruction are actually possessed by North Korea, a country lacking any significant natural resources, is of no concern to the neo-cons. Oil was and is the bottom line in Iraq. Sometimes, even the liars trip up and actually tell the truth. But only in a world where the neo-cons have enjoyed a stranglehold on the corporate media can Wolfowitz's supporters claim he was misquoted and the UK's Guardian be forced to print a clarification, one step short of a retraction. Congenital liars like Wolfowitz should never be given the benefit of the doubt on any issue.

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