Zero Intelligence Strikes Again

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Wed, 12 Mar 2003 13:00:00 GMT
John Bergstrom's Attack Comics - If Captain Picard Was Really French - cartoon commentary on the French response to America's threat to make war on Iraq. Hehe.

Mary Lou Seymour at Rational Review - We don't want your war of aggression, Mr. Bush - lots of ideas for opposing the Busheviks' imperialist war. [smith2004]

WLWT Cincinatti - Ohio School Suspends 1st-Grader For Having Plastic Knife - Kevin Long was suspended "for taking a plastic knife from his school cafeteria." Zero-intelligence strikes again. I wrote the following letter to the school principal, Mrs. Washington at [smith2004]

Mrs. Washington,

I read at the WLWT web site about the suspension and possible expulsion of Kevin Long from Struthers Elementary School for taking a plastic knife from the school cafeteria. Once again, so-called "zero-tolerance" is really zero intelligence. Grow up. Realize that this boy's behavior was no threat to anyone and that this case has proven conclusively that your policies are as dumb as dirt.

I also read that the Kevin's parents' lawyer will seek criminal charges against the school if you uphold the suspension. Good. If you can't realize your stupid mistake, apologize profusely, and reinstate the boy with nothing whatsoever on his record, you deserve to go to prison, for a good long time.

Erik Johnson at GunBlast - Giles Tactical Sling - a review of the Giles Tactical Sling. Mr. Johnson installed one on his Mossberg 590A1, but there are models for a wide variety of rifles and shotguns.

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