The Myth of War Prosperity

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 07 Mar 2003 13:00:00 GMT
Mark Fiore - The Saddam Seminar - Flash animation advising wannabe dictators how to be as successful as Hussein. Hehe. [rrnd]

The Misanthropic Bitch - Tokin' for Osama - good put-down of the war on some drugs. Much more intellectual than I'm used to seeing from the bitch. Is she growing up? [kimdutoit]

Operation Pipe Dreams, a nationwide sweep of stores, both online and brick & mortar, that sell multi-use drug paraphenalia -- no, sir, I do use it to smoke tobacco -- could provide for a maximum total sentence of three years in prison, a fine of $250,000, or both, with respect to each count a person faces. The stores are being forced to turn over customer records, including credit card information, which will be used to track down those who gave their moms a gas-mask bong for Christmas. It's a novelty item, officer.

Billions of dollars spent to prop up the prison industry and ruin the lives of largely harmless people, and it should come as no surprise that terrorists follow the bitter scent emanating from prisons.

Lifting Prohibition did what the government couldn't: It took the violent criminal element out of alcohol production and distribution. The negative effects of making alcohol consumption illegal far outweighed the hoped societal benefits, and the problems the government had to fight were the ones it had created. Illegal acts attract a criminal element because it takes a certain kind of person to engage in risky behavior, and terrorists, who have nothing to lose, naturally gravitate toward an illegal market with huge profits.

New Channel 13 via MSNBC - Protestors gather at Crossgates Mall - the straight poop on the protest I heard about on the radio on Wednesday. Mall management has asked the police to drop the trespassing charge. Bad for business, eh? [rrnd]

Mark Morford at The San Francisco Chronicle - Peace Takes A Bullet: In which the Bush Doctrine means never having to say, sorry about all the warheads and death -

It cannot be overstated: Shrub's war marks a momentous shift in our society, a huge political and philosophical sea change, as we move from a unified coherent defensive posture to an aggressive, roguish, preemptive-strike attitude, kill first and ask questions never.

It is called the Bush Doctrine, a.k.a. Shut the Hell Up You Durn Foreigners and Eat Our Might, and it is in flagrant defiance of not just the U.N. charter and international law but also every moral and philosophical tenet America itself was founded on.


Here are the words you will never hear from Dubya: We have won the war on terror. Never will you hear this, because the battle is, by definition, unwinnable; you can't win a war on terror any more than you can win the war against racism, or ignorance, or drugs, or cutesy boy bands or sunlight. Terrorism is as much a concept as a force, an idea as a scattered, well-organized, global network we can't possibly pinpoint.

It is ongoing. It is never-ending. This is the Dubya plan. Perpetual war, perpetual fear, perpetual massive profits for a large handful of high-powered Bush-friendly CEOs and military contractors and petrochemical execs, long after Saddam is gone, especially after Saddam is gone. Who's next on the hit list?

They don't really care. War is at hand. America is about to turn a corner, sharp to the right. These are the last days of peace in America as you know it. And we will never be the same.

National Center for Public Policy Abuse - New Book, Shattered Dreams: 100 Stories of Government Abuse, Chronicles Suffering from Extreme Laws and Regulations - A PDF copy is available for download from this page. [trt-ny]

"Egregious and sometimes arbitrary implementation of rules and regulations can destroy people's lives," said Chris Burger, program coordinator for the John P. McGovern, M.D. Center for Environmental and Regulatory Affairs, who helped compile Shattered Dreams. "Often, no one is held accountable. We hope that putting a human face on these problems will help bring about reform."

The publication includes situations related to the Americans with Disabilities Act, building codes, civil asset forfeiture, the Department of Labor, education policy, eminent domain, the Endangered Species Act, the Food and Drug Administration, free speech infringement, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Indian affairs, the IRS, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, property rights, public lands, rails-to-trails programs, small business, smart growth, water issues, wetlands and zoning.

Fred on Everything - Monolith Looms Over Harvard - commentary on the hubub ensuing over a phillic snow sculpture on the grounds of what MIT folk used to call "that little liberal arts college up the river".

Ron Paul in The House of Representatives via - The Myth of War Prosperity - a speech Dr. Paul gave on the House floor on Tuesday, March 4. Contrary to popular belief, war does not create prosperity. Exactly the opposite. [lew]

Robert Uhlig at The Telegraph - Jojoba 'just as good as diesel but cleaner' - the nut oil that you often read on the label of shampoos, can power diesel engines. No mention of its relative price. [smith2004]

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