Tears of the Sun

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 10 Mar 2003 13:00:00 GMT
There's a new issue of The Libertarian Enterprise - new articles by L. Neil Smith, Bill Stone, Jim Davidson, and others. I haven't read most of them yet. [tle]

Jim Davidson at The Libertarian Enterprise - Ten Years After: The Waco Declaration - a short history of the war on Americans begun at Waco ten years ago. [tle]

The right thing to do when thugs attack you is to shoot them. That was the right thing then, and it is the right thing now. Fortunately, many of the Branch Davidians had some proficiency with firearms, and they had guns on hand.

Unfortunately, the Branch Davidians didn't realize that they were targeted for execution, would never get a day in court, and were destined for massacre. Instead of scattering from their church after the initial botched raid, they stayed at their post, attempting to defend a position which proved indefensible.

During the hostilities, the BATF ran out of ammo. Knowing that they were facing a large, potentially hostile, and well armed group, the BATF failed to bring adequate ammunition. Such behavior seems hard to explain by mere incompetence. Nevertheless, they ran out of ammo and stopped firing. Rather than rush out from their church to slaughter the remaining BATF agents, the Branch Davidians accepted terms of a cease fire. There were wounded and dead on both sides to attend to. The Branch Davidians had no desire to inflict further injury or bloodshed, and were not the vicious killers that horrid Hollywood and television movies have made them out to be. If they had been the vicious killers, they would have gone out after the BATF after the BATF ran out of ammo. Instead, they observed the cease fire terms scrupulously, and allowed the BATF to retreat in some semblance of order. (At least one disorderly group of BATF agents was filmed kicking and abusing a TV reporter to vent their rage and demonstrate their thuggishness.)


Accordingly, the people of the several states must now acknowledge that they are governed not by a constitutional republic, but by a tyranny. Moreover, that tyranny is staffed by bullies, perverts, reprobates, thieves, and murderers. Probably rapists, too.


None of the vicious thugs who did these things or lied about them afterwards have ever been brought to justice. None of the victims have been compensated for their injuries and losses. None of the families of the victims have been compensated. The lawsuit which the victims and their families brought was dismissed by the same federal judge who imposed forty year sentences on the surviving Davidians who were exonerated by the jury of all but the most trivial charges. That federal judge should be stripped of office and pension and imprisoned for malfeasance.


On 19 April 2003, I intend to be at Mt. Carmel to commemorate the tenth anniversary of these heinous acts. I hope you'll join me.

I watched Tears of the Sun yesterday afternoon. I was entertained. Not for the squeemish. Contains graphic depictions of ethnic cleansing. Definitely R-rated violence.

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