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From the August, 2002 issue of Reason magazine (p. 13):
"If it's your job to hunt Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, then it's your job to know that they don't hang out with Jewish lesbians in San Francisco." -- California peace activist Kate Rafael's response to an FBI agent seeking information about Muslim men, as reported May 15 by CBS news.

Watched Behind Enemy Lines on video last night. Entertaining. Big-time Hollywood silliness: dodging bullets and outrunning land mines, but still exciting if you do what movies like this require (and why I watch them) and suspend your sense of reality for a little while.

Brian Puckett of Citizens of America in the August 2002 issue of Guns & Ammo (p. 10):

Trying Terminology

Browing Hi-Powers were designed to hold 13 rounds, Glock 17s were designed to hold 17, and the U.S. military made 30-round magazines standard for M16s (thus all AR-type rifles). Technically, historically, these magazines are the normal, full- or standard-capcity magazines for these guns. Same is true for all others.

Because the term "high-capacity" for pre-'94 Crime Bill magazines is incorrect--historically and technically--it distubs me to repeatedly see [that] term in G&A and other magazines. It's not just a matter of factual accuracy, though that should be enough. Words are the building blocks of thinking and of ideas, and help create social and political reality. The term "high-capacity magazine" is not only wrong, it plays into the hands of all anti-gun fanatics by implying unnecessary excess.

All gun publications should institute a firm editorial policy of using the correct terms "normal," "standard" or "full-capacity" for original magazines, and the correct term "limited-capacity magazine" for those unconstitutionally imposed under the Clinton Administration. Keep focused on that reality, and we'll see the illegal ban disappear when the law "sunsets" in 2004.

Duncan Philp at KeepAndBearArms.com - The Charade - I posted a link to this a while back. Mr. Philp has added the sentencing part of his "trial". Duncan Philp, I salute you. You are a true patriot. God bless you.

I appeared in court on July 12th for sentencing by Judge Celeste. The probation department recommended six months informal supervised probation and a fine. The public persecutor demanded that I receive 10 to 20 days in jail along with a fine. And my attorney asked that the judge accept the advice of the probation department. Celeste gave me 20 days of in home detention, NO fine, No court cost and six months probation. My lawyer has filed an appeal in Denver district court and while on appeal the sentencing must be stayed. I am not presently doing any in home detention nor am I on probation, and I have not paid any fine. I know many of you are disappointed that I didn't go to jail because you felt that what I did made all gun owners out to be extremists and thus making making all gun wonders look bad, this according to the wimps and gutless wonder who call themselves patriots. These are same gutless cowards who hide behind phony moniker on web site forum and lie about myself , Mr. Grant and Mr. Stanely. These are the same gutless swine who would never ever do anything like show up for a rally supporting the Bill of Rights much less wear a gun openly and in public. These are the same bunch of cowards who will continue to sit on their fat asses behind a pc screen hiding behind an assume name to attack the works of others because they can't deal with the fact they don't have the khans to do it themselves. These are the same lying sacks of **** who belong to the Republican party, the NRA, the Colorado SAS who do nothing but sit around criticizing and back stabbing the very people who are actually committed to defending the Bill of Rights. I encourage these fools to do what ever they want, go to the park, have picnic and suck on a donut, hold hands and sing "kumbya", vote for liar of your choice and watch the Bill of Rights disappear, but what ever ya do be sure and get out of my way.

I am not surprised by the outcome of this case thus far and I doubt if any of you are either. If fighting for freedom was easy then we wouldn't have to do much and could all just sit at home on our fat asses and ridicule others for how they do things. We all know that struggle for freedom is never ending and will continue ad naseaum. Please make your checks out to Paul Grant Attorney at law and send your donations for our legal fund to:

Duncan Philp
305 w. magnolia #131
Ft. Collins. Colorado 80521

Hartriono B. Sastrowardoyo at Community News (NJ) - NJ Weedman Cultivates Another Lawsuit - Ed Forchion keeps on keeping on. This suit is for being arrested for exercising his first amendment right to protest. God bless him. [njweedman]

His defense also includes a briefing from the 9th U.S. Court of Appeals, which on February 2nd, 1996 ruled that Rastafarian defendants, as a defense against charges of possession of marijuana, should be allowed to show that they use marijuana for religious reasons.

Dan Baum at Wired - GM's Billion-Dollar Bet - Wired covers AUTOnomy, the fuel-cell powered "skateboard" from General Motors. [wired]

The fuel cell is as big a change from the internal combustion engine as that engine was from the horse.


[Lawrence] Burns, [GM's vice president of R&D and planning], says that for business reasons he's picked 2010 as the year the AUTOnomy will be mass-produced. "If we're not there by then, we'll have dug too deep a hole to recover the time value of that money," well over a billion dollars if the current rate of expenditure continues.

"We're coming up on the moment when GM is going to have to choose between the old and new ways," he says. "Investments in internal combustion engines last 15 to 20 years, so we're going to sit down in 2005 and decide whether to create a new six-cyliner engine to appear in 2008 and still be used in 2020."

He sits forward and raises a finger. "Or," he goes on, "we will decide those resources are better spent on fuel cells. That will be a fascinating meeting, and it will happen during my carrer."

Hummer's H2 redefines the SUV, for those with $50K to spend on a vehicle. Nicely done web site, too, if you've got Flash. Click on "Vehicles", then "H2". They bought the back cover of the August Wired with a front view of the underside. Drive into a snow bank just right, and you'll leave an "H2" imprint (mirror imaged). Click the image below for the 800x600 version (already in your browser's cache). Lots more photos at the site.

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