What Freedoms Are Left?

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Danziger - The Globalization Pledge - Oh my! [sierra]

Billy Beck - Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness - a photographic example of the classic phrase. Hehe.

Billy Beck - "Too Late For a Political Solution?" - Back in 1996, Mr. Beck agreed with a poster to a militia board that it was too late for a political solution, but he had another option to civil war.

At this point, there is no way for me to proceed without taking a stand: I am certain that the essential political, and thus cultural, dispute is between those who believe that people are the subjects of government, and that it is good for a government to manage the affairs of its subjects, and those who hold that their lives are not subject to the management of government.


I see a course lying between your two alternatives. That course is massive, passive, civil disobedience.

I am convinced that sufficient numbers of rational individuals could focus the essential dispute of our times by simply, and peacefully, rejecting the claims of government.

Stop paying taxes of every kind. Stop voting. Burn drivers' licenses, social security cards, marriage licenses, business licenses, and every other document which attaches the sanction of government to one's own private affairs. Cease, immediately, the obedience to every article of posited law which our "representatives" scribble across our days and years. Conduct one's affairs according to the right, regardless of the "law".

I am fully aware of the implications of such a course.

My Henry Lever Youth Model .22 does a fine job cycling Aguila Colibri. Still can't believe how quiet that stuff is. Just a little puff of air.

Doreen Miller at Rense.com - Tragedy In America - High Treason: In The US Government - hang 'em all: every congress critter who voted for this abomination and King George, who signed it into law. [grabbe]

Q: Just who is a terrorist?

A: Anyone (non-U.S. citizen or U.S. citizen alike) Attorney General Ashcroft designates as one.

Q: On what evidence can Ashcroft designate someone as a terrorist?

A: Mere suspicion and hearsay.

Q: What legal rights and Constitutional protections does someone detained on the grounds of being a suspected terrorist have?

A: Next to none.

It may be difficult for some hard-core, patriotic Americans to believe the veracity of the preceding question and answer series, but the answers to the questions are based upon the implications and dangerous ramifications of the USA PATRIOT Act (USAPA) that was passed last October by so-called congressional representatives who never bothered to even read or debate it.


In light of the egregious evisceration of the Bill of Rights that this law undertakes, those who blindly supported and signed this blatantly unconstitutional act into law should be collectively condemned and charged for high treason to the Constitution and the people of the United States of America.

Warren Tilson at anti-state.com - Drug Legalization Brings Misery (Satire) - after we deregulate guns and drugs, what'll happen to the cops who used to prosecute these "crimes"? They'll be down and out, that's what. Good. As I said over a year ago, they, and the politicians who make the drug war laws they enforce, are criminals, guilty of assault and kidnapping. [anti-state]

Charles Moore at The Telegraph - A free country - "Liberty or death," says The Telegraph this week. [lew]

The Daily Telegraph does not support the doctrinaire libertarian argument which states that freedom is the only good. Clearly, all states have a need for order, and the price of one person's freedom can be too high for somebody else. But we do believe that there should always be a presumption in favour of freedom.

The burden should not be on people to prove why they should be allowed to do something, but on the authorities to prove why they shouldn't. Thus, why shouldn't people be free to hunt, or smoke cannabis, or build an extension to their house, or travel without an identity card, or read pornography on the internet, or adopt children? There may be reasons to prevent any or all of these things, but the restrictors should be the ones who have to make their case.


Today, The Daily Telegraph starts its "A Free Country" campaign. Week by week, and in major individual investigations, we shall examine how freedom is being taken away, whether by Westminster or Whitehall or Brussels or any other authority. We shall try to annoy the control freaks, whether they are Right, Left or Centre, and we shall welcome allies for freedom from all quarters. The Conservative leadership contestants hardly breathe a word about freedom. The Labour Government's Queen's Speech is a shopping list of attacks on our liberties. There's plenty to do. Libertad o muerte!

Graham Lawton at AlterNet.org - The Great Open Source Giveaway - the open source concept is starting to spill out into non-software areas, e.g. opencola, a soft drink with the recipe available on-line. Well, not quite. The URL in the article doesn't work, and opencola.com sells a collaborative search engine, not an open source soft drink. Aptly, the article is printed under the Design Science copyleft, not copyright. [leor]

The new issue of The Libertarian Enterprise, "What Freedoms Are Left?", is up. Articles I liked:

  • The Kabinet of Georg Busch by L Neil Smith - why we should strongly oppose the creation of a department of homeland security. Instead, let's dismantle the other unconstitutional departments and let American's take care of themselves.
    Americans soon learned who it was they really needed protection from, as hundreds, perhaps thousands, of mostly Moslem individuals -- some of whom were American citizens, and many more of whom had lived peacefully and productively in the United States for decades -- were illegally abducted and detained in a secret gulag, incommunicado, out of reach of their terrified families, and without the benefit of legal representation.

    Through it all, Attorney General Ashcroft kept muttering about how "the bureaucracy" was obstructing him, when what he clearly meant was the Bill of Rights, which, indeed, was written specifically to blunt the ambitions and machinations of power-hungry authoritarians like Ashcroft.


    This administration has very good reason not to wish any aspect of September 11 discussed without its supervision, for it was government that created this mess in the first place. Although a small number of violent criminals hijacked four airliners and flew three of them into buildings, killing thousands, it could never have happened if the government had pursued a rational foreign policy and refrained at home from routinely disobeying the highest law of the land -- the first ten amendments to the US Constitution -- commonly known as the Bill of Rights.

    To put a finer point on it, if the United States government had not insisted, for the past 150 years, on interfering, often violently, in the affairs of other nations, no one in the world would have had a reason to hijack those planes and use them the way they were used. And if the Second Amendment right of every individual -- including airline passengers -- to own and carry weapons had been observed and enforced, no one would have been able to hijack those planes even if they had a reason.

    That's all it would have taken: a non-interventionist foreign policy and enforcement of the Bill of Rights, particularly the Second Amendment.
  • Neil, You Were Right by Angel Shamaya - Angel declares his independence from the Republican Party.
    W's re-election will fail in 2004 -- but he won't lose to a Libertarian, and that's why I have to say I was wrong and you were right. Where I once thought Bush's destined insolence toward the liberties to which he translucently espoused loyalty would have gun owners and liberty advocates rush to go Third Party, I now understand that most people who believed W was the Second Coming are perfectly willing to dimple a chad on his behalf again even while admitting, with substantial and incriminating evidence, that he's got horns and a tail.
  • A Rose by any Other Name... by Jeff Elkins - renaming the Department of Homeland Security won't change its Nazi nature.
  • Whose Constitution? by Carl Bussjaeger - If Dummernya is gonna talk about the constitution, he should be held to it. That means prison time, at the very least.

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