Trubanc 1.0b1

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Wed, 15 Jul 2009 15:57:56 GMT  <== Truledger ==> 

Trubanc is an anonymous, digitally-signed vault and trading system. Like Loom, it allows anyone to issue assets (digital currencies). Unlike Loom, which relies entirely on (very good) obscurity for security, Trubanc's digital signatures allow the bank and the customer to prove to each other that they agreed at a particular time on their balances. It does this while allowing destruction of transaction history for closed trades. Trubanc will initially provide server-based trading. Eventually, it will provide digital checks and bearer certificates.

I started working on Trubanc in August of 2008. I announced a public beta of the PHP implementation in December and added storage fees in March of 2009. In late March, I started converting the PHP to Common Lisp. Today, I'm announcing the first public beta of that implementation. is now running the Lisp client and server, and you can download the client/server binary, and use it on your PC as a client, or on your own server, as your own Trubanc.

The client binary works in Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X. I haven't yet built all 8 combinations of 32/64 bit and OS, but I've built the ones most requested by my early testers, and will build the others on request.

Client binaries are at Client installation and usage instructions are at Server installation and configuration instructions are at Please help me test it.

After you've installed the client, send email to bill at billstclair dot com, encrypted with my PGP public key, and including yours, if you want privacy, and I'll send you a coupon with some usage tokens for a test account.

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