They Came for Our Guns, They Came for Our Freedom

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William Lafferty has penned a short novel on the excesses of the BATFE, imagining three 80-year-old World War II veterans beginning a campaign of retribution that eventually takes down that rogue agency. Didn't cause me to cheer, as did the feeding of the hogs in Unintended Consequences or the first chapter of Absolved, but kept me turning pages. Available at Amazon, from the author, for $11 + $4 shipping. Mr. Lafferty gave me a copy after finding and enjoying my copy of Mike Vanderboegh's What Good Can a Handgun Do Against an Army?.

Book Seven concerns the decision of the federal government to put an end to the private ownership of guns and its arrogance in pursuing this political agenda.

As the story opens, twenty-two battle-geared agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) conduct a late night raid on the house of an ordinary citizen who was reported as having an unlicensed machine gun. What he actually had was an AR15 semi-automatic rifle which, while it was being shot by a friend, malfunctioned and went full-auto. Before the owner of the rifle could take it to a gunsmith for repair, his door is broken down, guns are stuck in his family's faces, his wife is knocked unconscious, his jaw is broken, his children are terrorized, and his is house virtually destroyed by the BATF search for the offending rifle.

William Lafferty: They Came for Our Guns, They Came for Our Freedom

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