Taxes, Freedom and Life After Prison

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Larken Rose at The Daily Bell - The Daily Bell interviews Larken Rose. He talks about The Most Dangerous Superstition (the belief in the validity of imposed authority), money, taxes, music, and the frauds called courts and Federal Reserve. A bit long, but lots packed in.

Daily Bell: What is your idea of the ideal society?

Larken Rose: To be blunt, I can't fully imagine my ideal society. What I mean by that is, what humanity would achieve, given a setting of true individual freedom, would be a million times more impressive than anything I can personally imagine right now. So I can't paint a complete picture but I can describe the most important aspect of it, which is that people would understand and embrace the concept of self-ownership. Losing the belief in authority would not only end all war, and almost all oppression, but would unleash the real power of humanity.

Americans right now imagine themselves to be free because their masters keep telling them that they're free, and they don't understand how their own happiness and success, and the happiness and success of humanity as a whole, is being hugely hindered by war-mongering, state extortion, legalized counterfeiting and other government fraud and thuggery. They don't know what freedom would mean because they've never seen it and can't really even comprehend it. They think freedom is having a nicer guy on the throne, who robs you and bosses you around a little bit less than the last guy who sat there. It's not.

The good news is, to get as close to utopia as we imperfect human beings ever could, all we need to do is recognize and get rid of one particular superstition, one completely irrational lie, which we were all told to accept on faith: the belief in authority. And what I do, by way of my books and almost everything else I do these days, is to try to help people to do that.

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