Sunni's Salon Interview: Paul Rosenberg

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Sunni Maravillosa interviews the author of A Lodging of Wayfaring Men. [email]

... I think my milestone events come down to three.

The first was reading the Declaration of Independence when I was sixteen or seventeen. For some reason I just walked up to a copy on the wall--and I think it was actually in my chemistry classroom, odd as that sounds--and read it. I was stunned. This was just at the age when I was starting to think hard about right, wrong, and the state of the world. Jefferson's brief yet potent statements about freedom and rights hit me hard. My instant reaction to reading it was, "No one believes this." I knew it was the clearest statement I'd ever heard about what was right upon earth, and I somehow knew that no one else really believed it. I understood that this was a well-known and widely-read document, but also that no one was giving it anything more than lip service. Well, at least no one that I had known, but when you're sixteen ...

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