Nice Master

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Wed, 29 Aug 2007 12:24:19 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

Larken Rose has penned a new essay in his TMDS (The Most Dangerous Superstition) series. If you have to ask permission to do something, you are not free, you are a slave to the permission giver. Building permits, licences, registration, zoning laws, voting the tyrants out, everything of the sort, turn you into a slave to the state. No matter how nice your master is, he's still your master.

If someone is trying to steal my car, do I need the THIEF'S permission before I have the right to try to stop him? No. So if tyrants are stomping on my rights, why would I need to ask them for "legal" permission to resist their oppressions? The very idea is idiotic.


A consistent message from people who believe in gun rights--which admittedly would make most people very uneasy (because of their underlying "government"-worship)--would be this: "Dear Congressman, I understand you are considering voting for so-called 'legislation' that would disarm me. Be advised, if you do that, I have the right to kill any thugs you send to disarm me, and the right to kill you for sending them to do it. Have a nice day."


If I had to pick the primary reason why I am NOT encouraging people to go vote for Ron Paul, it is this: Every election, every lobbying effort, every petition to government, REINFORCES the idea that we need their PERMISSION before we're allowed to be free. To engage in the ritual of "democracy" conveys the message that we CONCEDE that whether we are to be free or not depends upon whether our MASTERS will, by legislation, allow us such freedom. See the contradiction? If I own me, by definition I don't NEED anyone else's permission.

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