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"If the 'From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs' galoshes fit, then it doesn't really matter what specific grabboids call themselves. They all want to kill you, and cook you, and eat you -- and that is the truth along every last inch of the spectrum from Joseph Stalin to Hillary Clinton. I'm tired of seeing Bernie Sanders regarded as cute. He is about as cute as Dr. Josef Mengele." -- L. Neil Smith

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Cannibalism and Comprachicos

Submitted by feralfae on Fri, 12 May 2023 03:25:47 GMT

In re: L.Neil Smith's wise words:
It goes beyond cannibalism, actually, and into spiritual consumption of the souls of innocents. Instilling fear and torture, trauma and treason, weakens our bonds to our Maker.

Changing the shape of humans, using children to satisfy addictive, reprehensible acts of lust, greed and pure evil  and twisting souls through beguiling temptations that feed those addictions.
(Gab appears to be down, but there is an alternative site somewhere, I think.)

Owned wikipedia says this about comprachicos.
Belief in criminals that deform growing children."
As with all truths that offend the sensibilities of those who attempt to ignore the evil around us, let me add: those old wives tales cannot be ignored. It is not uncommon for physical anthropologists to find deformed skeletal structures. Head deformations, long bone manipulation during maturation, etc. As an anthropologist, I am aware and years ago studied this phenomenon. Several cultures, including some of the more depraved Asian cultures (think bound feet and their depraved function) also deformed children, sometimes by caging and growing them in shaped, large urns.
I say: Modern medical forms of mutilation manifest the great chasm between true healers and corporate comprachicos. FeralFae

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