Outgunning the Nasties

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 08 Oct 2007 12:50:06 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

I caught up today on posting Larken Rose's TMDS essays. TMDS is The Most Dangerous Superstition, the belief in imposed authority.

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There's another archive of these essays at 3rd Ear Productions.

From Bad Intentions:

How's this for a cynical statement?: Even on those rare occasions when the government does something apparently good, it's always for the wrong reasons.

This is something the people hate to acknowledge about the tyrants in their own country. People like to feel attached to a pack, a club, a team. Americans like to say "WE defeated Hitler!" But they don't add, "and then WE gave Stalin half of Europe." Pack mentality makes most people want to be proud of their "side," and feel some comradery with their fellow countrymen. When people celebrated the end of Saddam Hussein's reign, they WANTED their "team" to be the good guys. They WANT the war to be about liberty and justice for all.

It's not. War is never about anything other than preserving or increasing the power of the people who started it. To the soldiers it may be about something noble, and to the people watching from home it may have some righteous meaning, but to the people who make war HAPPEN, there is, and has always been, only ONE agenda: maintaining or increasing their own power.

From Outgunning the Nasties:

Suppose one day you're unfortunate enough to actually be there when a situation like the one described above happens. Which of the following would be better?: 1) To watch others die--and maybe die yourself--while thinking "I hope somebody stops him"; or 2) to BE one of the "good guys" who is able and willing to stop the "bad guys"? If you want the good guys to outgun the bad guys, stop voting and whining for "legislation," and start visiting a shooting range.

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Comments (2):

Ridiculous Myopia

Submitted by Billy Beck on Tue, 09 Oct 2007 16:06:43 GMT

From "Bad Intentions" -- "War is never about anything other than preserving or increasing the power of the people who started it."

Oh, really? Does that include 1776?

It's the amorality, Bill. I can't use people who write idiocies like that.

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Of course it includes 1776

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 09 Oct 2007 16:26:49 GMT

Of course it includes 1776. Who started the American Revolution? It was the British, attempting to confiscate arms. They wanted to preserve or increase the power of the crown over the colonies. They failed, hence our American experiment in liberty, which is nearing its end, unless we once again defend ourselves against aggression. The war has already started. We who value liberty didn't start it, and many are still doing their best to pretend it isn't already underway, but the shooting will likely start in our lifetimes. Personally, I believe that millions will die before it's over.

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