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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 13 Jan 2011 12:24:39 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

Julian Heicklen at Tyranny Fighters - Dr. Heicklen has been criminally charged with jury tampering for his work informing juries of their age-old right and duty to judge the alleged law as well as the alleged law-breaker. Below is the entire text of his announcement. At the link you'll find some other news and a letter he wrote to the clerk of the court about incorrect procedure in the summons. FIJA.org discussion here. [twitter]

On January 11, 2011, I was notified by summons that I have been criminally charged with jury tampering. The moment of truth has arrived. My response to the court is given at the end of this E-mail. The dance begins. Finally we will have the opportunity to inform the jury in the U. S. District Court: Southern District of New York that the judges have routinely lied to it.

This trial could be the defining trial of the decade. We must not blow it. I will represent myself as counsel pro se. However, I am asking all the attorneys and others knowledgable in the law on the Tyranny Fighters mailing list receiving this E-mail to join as co-counsels. Particularly, I hope that the American Jury Institute/Fully Informed Jury Association and the American Civil Liberties Union join me to provide advice, guidance and strategy.

I maintain the role as lead counsel, because I can and will say and do things that could disbar any attorney.

In addition, I request that all of you that write for news outlets, have radio shows, and/or blogs will publicize this trial to the hilt. I intend to provide a blow by blow flow of trial information. Be sure to send your material to major news outlets. The rest of you can write letters-to-the editor of your local newspapers and magazines with trial information as it becomes available.

I want this to be the ultimate public trial.

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Julian Heickien

Submitted by DougBuchanan.com on Sat, 15 Jan 2011 01:04:20 GMT

The case is already lost. To represent oneself as "pro se", is to, by inferior law to which one has willfully acquiesced by claiming "pro se", state that one "knows the law" (the ruse of "pro se), therefore releasing the officers of the court, including the presiding officer (the judge), from any liability to prevailing law for applying the wrong law, or even the wrong jurisdiction of law, or any criminal act such as willfully using power of office or color of law to effect a damage.

Lacking any incentive to obey the law, by the immunity to the law granted by the defendant's acquiescence, the power-damaged mind's imperative to protect its power above written law will prevail.

The "pro se" ruse is only one of the list of tactics progressively instituted by the power-damaged minds of the institution of lawyers/judges to create and defend their institutional power above the reasoning of the common law.

The solution is to learn the entire long list, and counter each of them with the counters that created the ruses, or learn enough of them to learn the counter in sum, or get lucky with some of them to cause a particular judge to perceive that you know the game and are going to win (scant chance).

Further, the use of any licensed attorney as counsel of record negates one's protection under the prevailing law, another one of the lawyer/judge institution's formally instituted tactics.

How else could the raw power of court judges, above the prevailing written law, have achieved its obvious current level during the evolution of the inherent citizen objections to it?

Granted, there is a small chance of success by the involvement of a jury if it can be achieved, but because the issue is that of the authority of the jury, the full list of judicial tactics will be intensely employed to defend the power of the judiciary from the jury.

Respectfully, DougBuchanan.com

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