Open Carry - For Better or Worse

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 12 Feb 2007 12:24:28 GMT  <== RKBA ==> 

Susan Callaway at The Price of Liberty - an update on one woman's experience with open carry of a handgun. Man, I've gotta get out of this communist state.

I continue to be amazed and glad that at least 90% of the people I meet these days pay no noticeable attention to my gun, and - so far - most of those who do notice are simply curious or unaware that an ordinary person CAN carry at all. Sadly, some of these last are Wyoming residents, with one that I know of being a Wyoming native. What unfortunate proof that so many people simply do not understand either history or their own heritage.

The closest thing I've had to a "negative" reaction came last month at a WalMart in South Dakota. I had almost finished my shopping when two young women "manager types" approached me and said that some customers and "associates" had expressed concern because of my weapon. They asked if I could put it into my purse.

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