Lost Generation

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 24 Dec 2009 13:04:33 GMT  <== Humor ==> 

Jonathan Reed at YouTube - created for the AARP U@50 video contest. Placed second. A poetic palindrome. Read the lines forward for a pessimistic message or backwards for an optimistic one. Text copied below the embedded video.

Lost Generation
by Jonathan Reed

I am part of a lost generation
and I refuse to believe that
I can change the world
I realize this may be a shock but
"Happiness comes from within."
is a lie, and
"Money will make me happy."
So in 30 years I will tell my children
they are not the most important thing in my life
My employer will know that
I have my priorities straight because
is more important than
I tell you this
Once upon a time
Families stayed together
but this will not be true in my era
This is a quick fix society
Experts tell me
30 years from now, I will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of my divorce
I do not concede that
I will live in a country of my own making
In the future
Environmental destruction will be the norm
No longer can it be said that
My peers and I care about this earth
It will be evident that
My generation is apathetic and lethargic
It is foolish to presume that
There is hope.

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