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L. Neil Smith at The Libertarian Enterprise - commentary on the gun-turned-into-a-grenade sculpture in front of the commU.N.ist headquarters in New York, and on their attempt to usher in World CommU.N.ist government on the backs of fraudulent climate change science.

This so-called "peace sculpture" is generally called "the Knotted Gun". I'm sure that the sculptor would want his name mentioned. The Python's barrel, which in real life would be a ridiculous eighteen inches long, is tied in an overhand knot, the muzzle pointing up, in representation of a nasty old weapon that has been rendered harmless. In fact, such a gun would be far from harmless, it would blow up upon being fired, injuring or killing the shooter and any close bystanders. The sculptor, in the bucket-headed manner typical of all victim disarmament advocates, has found a way to covert a revolver into a grenade.

But here's the point: Colt's Patent Firearms should sue the sculptor, the United Nations, and the comic-relief state of Luxembourg, which presented the sculpture as a gift. Quintessentially a civilian weapon, meant for private individuals, the Colt Python's use as a symbol of violence is utter hypocrisy in a world where millions of lives are preserved every year by privately-owned guns, and the vast majority of violence is done--and always has been--with government issued rifles, by trained killers, usually conscripts wearing state livery.

But they know all of this perfectly well. The real target of their pseudo-artistic slander is America, and gun ownership by peasants--you and me--which the world's self-appointed elite in general and the United Nations thugocracy in particular have always found deplorable. The United Nations has several operations underway aimed specifically at disarming people all over the world, rendering them even more helpless against predatory governments than they are right now.

So much for peace, love, and understanding.

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