Clipperz: Anatomy of a zero-knowledge web application

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 01 Jul 2008 11:23:25 GMT  <== Computers ==> 

Clipperz hosts an online password manager that, according to them, you don't have to trust with your private information, since it's all encrypted in your web browser before being sent to and stored on their server. This article talks about the general architecture. Security is provided by their open source JavaScript Crypto Library. Their service is free, and you need only a username and password to get started. Your password is never sent to their server, and they cannot recover it. You can save your private information on your machine, read-only, to make disconnected access possible. I feel no need for an on-line password manager at present, Yojimbo works well for me, but I look forward to future zero-knowledge web applications. Very cool idea.

There's also Clipperz Community Edition, an open source version of the password manager server that you can run on your own web site, with just PHP 5 and MySQL.

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