Building Liberty

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 05 May 2009 17:18:51 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

The Free and the Unashamed have posted another essay, at their new web site,, giving a few ideas about the details of building a free society to operate in parallel with, and to eventually supplant the current gummint-regimented status quo.

There are two kinds of liberty at work in the world today:

The liberty of words.

The liberty of works.

There is nothing bad about the liberty of words, but it is only a ghost in the world. Liberty is to be experienced, not just talked about.

Without action, it stagnates and fades; put into action, it thrives mightily. The experience of liberty changes people. It engages the whole being and the entire life.

It affects us in ways that mere words cannot. For liberty to be a real force in the world, it needs bodies, not just minds. (For beings with physical bodies to expect otherwise would be silly.)

When liberty is put to use in the physical world, it is addictive.

We do not need to plan everything in advance. Real life if far too complex for that, and if you wait until you answer every objection, you'll never do anything.

Liberty needs to be applied before it can be completed. This requires adaptation and error, just like anything else that is built. Certainly the principals of liberty can be known in advance, but the details of its application will never be solid until they are repetitively tested against the real world.

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