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From smith2004:
"Maybe we should propose a Constitutional Amendment?

"Be it resolved: Any person employed by or as a part of any government organization, who violates their oath of office in any way, may be punished at the discretion of, and in any manner considered necessary, by any citizen of this country. Such punishment shall not be considered a crime, unless and until it can be proven, as a result of a unanimous verdict of 100 citizens, that the person so punished did not, in fact, violate any part of their oath of office."

-- Ron

# Dana Larsen at Cannabis Culture Magazine - 5 things you can do to help Marc Emery - Call Irwin Cotler, Canada's Justice Minister, regularly, write to Canadian newspapers and magazines weekly, donate to the BC Marijuana Party, subscribe to Cannabis Culture magazine, buy products other than seeds, write to Canadian media, and if you live in Canada, contact your MP & MLA regularly and rally in your community.

Please call each of these three phone numbers twice every week, and politely repeat your message every time. The goal is to keep these lines constantly tied up with calls and voice mails about Marc Emery, so that the Justice Department phones are ringing steadily about the Emery case every day for the next few months.

When you call, always be very polite. Your goal is not to get into a debate with Cotler's secretary. Just say that you are calling because it would "shock your conscience" for Marc Emery to be extradited to the US for alleged marijuana seeds crimes committed on Canadian soil. Say that you believe that if Marc has broken the law in Canada, he should be tried in Canada, under Canadian laws.


* Irwin Cotler's Constituency Office: 514-283-0171
* Irwin Cotler's Parliamentary Office: 613-995-0121
* Justice Department Office: 613-992-4621

If you have access to a fax machine then please also send a daily or weekly fax supporting Marc Emery to each of these Justice Department fax numbers:

Fax: 613-992-6762
Fax: 514-283-2407
Fax: 613-990-7255


Please contact all of the following newspapers and magazines, with a new letter every week.

Don't write a big long letter. Just write a short, snappy letter which offers your opinion on American efforts to extradite Marc Emery.

Don't just send one mass email to all of these media at once. Instead send them each individually the same emailed letter.

Write one letter every week, different letters but on the same topic, and send them to every one of these media outlets every week.

A more complete list of Canadian media outlets can be found here:


National Post:
Globe & Mail:
Vancouver Sun:
Vancouver Province:
Victoria Times Colonist:
Vancouver Courier:
Burnaby Now:
Calgary Herald:
Calgary Sun:
Edmonton Journal:
Edmonton Sun:
Regina Leader-Post:
Guelph Mercury:
Hamilton Spectator:
Kamloops this week:
Kamloops Daily News:
Kelowna Capital News:
Kitchener-Waterloo Record:
Kingston Whig-Standard:
Langley Advance:
Langley Times:
Lethbridge Herald:
London Free Press:
Montreal Gazette:
Nanaimo News Bulletin:
North Shore News:
Ottawa Citizen:
Ottawa Sun:
The Saskatoon Star Phoenix:
Surrey Leader:
Surrey Now:
Toronto Star:
Toronto Sun:
Tri-city news:
Victoria News:
Whitehorse Star:
Winnipeg Free Press:
Winnipeg Sun:
Windsor Star:


Maclean's Magazine:
Eye Magazine:
NOW Magazine:
Vancouver Magazine:
The Walrus:

# Canadian Press - Pot activist Marc Emery granted bail - well at least he'll be free to fight his extradition. If extradicted, he faces 10 years to life in U.S. prison. For selling seeds to people who wanted them. More news links via Google. Watch the U.S. Marijuana Party, BC Marijuana Party, and Cannabis Culture sites for updates. [google]

# Nicki Felenzer - The Weapon - a review of Michael Z. Williamson's The Weapon (click for excerpts and order links), the second novel in the Freehold universe. [nicki]

I've always loved watching the transition military enlistees make from civilians to warriors. I underwent that change myself upon completing my military training. Your attitude changes. You become stronger, more secure and more disciplined. The more you train, the more self assured you become. It's a fascinating and somewhat startling evolution that is presented in breathtaking intensity and clarity in "The Weapon."

# Charlie Demerjian at the Inquirer - Zfone secures VoIP - explains how Phil Zimmerman's new Voice over IP product prevents man-in-the-middle attacks. [wes]

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