Dell Inspiron 600m

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 17 Feb 2005 13:00:00 GMT
# Well, the $1.00 UPS "Worldwide Express" shipping from Botach Tactical was too good to be true. They followed my instructions and cancelled the order. I reordered the two Coldsteel Nightshade Series knives that I mentioned yesterday and an ASP Mirage LED Flashlight: 100,000 hour battery life and a lifetime warranty. Looked neat and was on sale for $5.95.

# Mark Reynolds at Strike the Root - If This Box Fails... - have we worked the jury box enough to resort to the cartridge box? Mr. Reynolds thinks maybe it's worth a try. [root]

The reason that this has really been bugging me is because the state of California's citizens have decided, along with a number of other states, to let people who have certain ailments use marijuana for medical purposes. And of course, since the Federal government now believes that its "law" trumps state law, it is raiding folks who somehow believe in "we the people" and were following the new laws that California had passed. Then the Feds were pulling crap like this . . . arresting doctors for following California law and then not allowing the doctor to use as his DEFENSE the fact that the LAW of California allowed what he was doing! What kind of shit is this? Anyhow, FEDERAL as well as state juries are drawn from the pool of registered voters. What if we unregistered ones were to take this knowledge into the courtrooms of America and start freeing our fellow citizens from these travesties by hanging the jury or better yet giving not guilty verdicts? What if I resided in California and had been picked for jury duty in that doctor's case? Just my understanding of the constipation . . . errr . . . Constitution would have allowed me to nullify that crap! Or at least HANG the jury so that they would have to retry to get a conviction!


How about gun control laws? Mere possession of a tool should not cause someone to end up in the gulag for 10 years. NOT GUILTY, YOUR HONOR. YOUR rule book says THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. That means EXACTLY what it says. What part of that statement don't you understand, "judge"? Our right to DEFEND ourselves from the likes of you, "judge," isn't given by some black robed "priest" in a courtroom; it is a right we receive at birth. It is a right that is antecedent to any earthly government.

Not GUILTY for carrying a concealed firearm. NOT GUILTY for having a firearm while under a restraining order. NOT GUILTY for having a firearm after serving time for a so-called felony, which of course is almost ANYTHING nowadays . . . NOT GUILTY for having a firearm in a bank. NOT GUILTY for having one on school property. That's right! Unless SOMEONE has been DAMAGED by the act, we are VOTING NOT GUILTY. PERIOD. End of story.

Not GUILTY for driving without insurance. NOT GUILTY for driving without a license. ESPECIALLY if it is because the one charged was driving with an expired license due to the new "intelligence bill." Missouri charges people with a felony who are caught three times driving without a driver's license. NOT GUILTY for not filing for the Selective Service. NOT GUILTY for refusing to be dragged back into an undeclared UNCONSTITUTIONAL war somewhere.

How about someone who defends himself from a "law enforcement" officer who is violating his oath of office by arresting someone for a law that is OBVIOUSLY against his oath? An UNLAWFUL arrest is an unlawful arrest.

# Bob Wallace at Strike the Root - Rush Goes to War - I think I may have already linked to this essay, but it's worth a re-read. What if the neocons were themselves drafted for military service in Iraq. They'd sing a different tune, then, eh? [root]

# I got a new Dell Inspiron 600m laptop at work yesterday. I'm typing this weblog entry on it. 2 GHz processor, a gig of RAM, 80 gig hard drive, 802.11g, gigabit ethernet, Windows XP Professional. Office 2003. I configured Windoze to use the Classic theme and Classic folders. I prefer that "Open", not "Explore" is the default when I double click on a folder in a Windows Explorer window. I've made this change before, but forgot yesterday how to do it. So I'm blogging it so I can find it the next time I need to know. In any Windows Explorer window, select "Tools/Folder Options", click the "File Types" tab, select "Folder" (not "File Folder") from the list of "File Types", click the "Advanced" button, click on "open", and click the "Set Default" button.

# I've returned to using Firefox for my web surfing, after using K-Meleon for a while. I liked K-Meleon, but Firefox is more polished, and my new computer makes Firefox' longer startup time nearly undetectable.

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