Vin's "The Black Arrow" Available for Pre-Order

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 26 Sep 2004 12:00:00 GMT
# I'm still sick, but I had to get out of bed for a little while and found myself feeling better enough to blog for an hour. Back to bed soon, however.

# Scott Bieser at The Libertarian Enterprise - In Case of Genocide... - a good illustration of guns as emergency equipment and why victim disarament, including the "assault" weapons ban, is so evil. [tle]

# L. Neil Smith at The Libertarian Enterprise - The Cat Came Back--Or Tried To, Anyway - commentary on Yusuf Islam being refused entry into Amerika. I think we need a "no breathe list" for tyrants involved in the Department of Homeland Sekurity. [tle]

By now, we all know somebody--or know of somebody--whom the United States government, in its infinite stupidity, has arbitrarily and illegally denied the right to travel by means of commercial airliner.

The first such individual I heard about was a leader of the Green Party, attempting to make her way to a meeting or convention a few states away. At the airport, without warning, she was suddenly told by some goon that by edict of the federal government, she was no longer to be permitted any of the advantages of 21st century transportation technology.

She was on the "no fly list".

I've often wondered if she ever got a refund for her useless ticket.

Then it started to get personal. A good friend of mine, whose work in cybernetics takes him from state to state, received exactly the same kind of treatment at the boarding gate. Why? Sorry, that's classified. His likely crime? He maintains a web page listing various abuses of human rights and constitutional law of which the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is famously guilty.

Naughty, naughty. Mustn't keep dossiers on the jackbooted thugs, now.

Another victim of the "no fly list".

# Lady Liberty at The Libertarian Enterprise - Lady Liberty Interviews Michael Badnarik, 2004 Libertarian Candidate for President - September 11, during the 2004 National Property Rights Conference. [tle]

My only problem is getting media attention. If I can have a little bit of advertising and get my name and the Libertarian Party message out, I think that we would do incredibly well. Right now, we're running at about 8% in the polls. If we can get to 15%--the arbitrary 15% that we're supposed to have--I can get into the presidential debates. And if I can get into the debate, there is no doubt that I will win that debate. And if I win the presidential debate, there's no telling how much of a vote I can get. I may not win the White House, but I can change the course of American politics forever.

Claire Wolfe - Vin's new book -- The Black Arrow - Vin Suprynowicz plans to ship a novel in the spring of 2005. It will be a trade paperback. But if you're one of the first thousand to pre-pay, you can get it two months early as an autographed leather-bound hardcover. Click here to read about the book and order one if you want. [claire]

I read an early draft of The Black Arrow, and I can tell you Vin shoots a wild, bright spark of freedom into a dark, stylized, near-future America. The book's got it all: A worthy superhero; bad guys whose fall you'll cheer; innovative weaponry and tactics; a freedom underground (literally), and plenty of sex and rock n roll. Think Tim Burton's treatment of Batman's Gotham City and you'll come close to the ambience of The Black Arrow. But for a freedom lover, Vin's hero beats Batman any day.

# Terry Kirby at The Independent - Revealed: pro-hunt campaign of hate - members of Parliament who voted to end hunting with dogs are increasingly being hassled. They're saying that the hunters are a violent bunch. Click here for Samizdata comments. I posted the following: [samizdata]

Personally, I think these tyranical MPs should consider themselves lucky to still be above room temperature.

I see two reasonable courses of action for the hunters:

1) Start hunting MPs, but without dogs. You wouldn't want to ruin the training of a good dog by getting it accustomed to the chasing of humans, though the dogs could probably easily tell the difference between the odor of these MPs and real humans.

2) Go about their hunting as usual and shoot dead anyone who tries to stop them.

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