Harry Potter III

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# In case you only ever enter my site through this weblog page, I recommend checking out the articles and photographs on my home page (the "Home" link in the left column goes to the weblog home, but there are no visible links to top-level of billstclair.com). There's quite a bit there. I am occasionally amazed that I've managed to accumulate so much quality stuff in a few years time.

# The Second Horseman of the Confederacy - On Civilization and Government - a good short history of civilization and why we must get rid of the organized criminal entity known as government. From Chapter Five: Government:

Most people believe that government is an aspect of civilization. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Government can actually be thought of as an extremely common form of cancer that afflicts civilizations. A form of cancer which is normally terminal.

Government is actually the "pack behavior" of Authoritarian Criminals. The sole function of government is to victimize the productive individuals who make up civilization for the benefit of the Authoritarian Criminals. By creating an enormously complicated, faceless system to mask and automate their activities, the Authoritarian Criminals make it difficult for civilized individuals to target their efforts of resistance. By using the wealth they bleed from civilization to amass a terrifying capacity for violence, the Authoritarian Criminals make it quite dangerous for civilized individuals to resist. By echoing and reinforcing each other's bogus justifications for their actions, the Authoritarian Criminals confuse many otherwise civilized individuals into supporting or tolerating their agendas.
From Chapter Six: The Thin Blue Line:
Law enforcement has been referred to as the thin blue line that stands between civilization and barbarism... This is true. But the thin blue line isn't facing outward to hold the perimeter against barbarism, it's facing inward to eat away at civilization. If civilization is an island, the Enforcement Officers aren't the beach. They're the pounding surf eroding the island away into the sea of barbarism.

Without government interference, civilized individuals would be able to obtain highly effective technology at free market prices to defend themselves against criminals. They would be able to carry and deploy such technology as they saw fit. Criminals would face the prospect of being utterly at their intended victims' mercy, rather than the other way around. Crime would be much less safe and profitable.

Without contrived laws, your neighbors might do some things of which you don't approve. But is it really acceptable to rob every civilized person in the community to pay and arm Enforcement Officers to kick in your neighbor's door because he might stuff the wrong species of dried plant matter into his pipe?

Government law enforcement is to crime-fighting what kerosene is to fire-fighting. If every Enforcement Officer in the thin blue line, including those who restrict individual defense technology products, were to toss their badges and take up a productive occupation, real crime would soon become a rare anomaly rather than a regular aspect of American culture.

# John Ross - I'm Not the Only One Thinking About What the Iraq War Means - a guest article by Bill Whittle, emailed to Mr. Ross by his friend, Chuck Kaiser. Very well written, as usual for Mr. Whittle. I'm still not convinced. My son dying now so that the country might be better after I'm dead for some unborn future American is not something I'm willing to go through. If the war comes to me, I will fight it, whether the person bringing it to me wears a turban or a U.S. police or military uniform, but I won't go half a world away to shoot at people I don't know with whom I have no argument. The only argument here is between governments, and I don't believe in government.

[I originally attributed this article to Mr. Kaiser, having misread Mr. Ross' introduction. My apologies to Mr. Whittle.]

# Sean Corrigan at LewRockwell.com - Let's Go Fly a Kite - a little fable reflecting the coming collapse of the Fed's funny money. 'twould be good to put away some real wealth as soon as you can: food, guns, fuel, tools, precious metals, practical knowledge. [claire]

# Publicola - Want Another Reason Not to Hand Your Gun Over to the Cops? - police impersonators. Some advice for avoiding them, including one idea that most lawyers won't second, but that I agree with 100%: [publicola]

If a cop tells you to do anything extremely harmful your Rights, such as hand over your firearm (I assume you carry) politely refuse. This applies to real cops for reasons of principle, but doubly so to anyone who you might doubt is a real cop for more practical reasons. The lawyers in question will say that it's dangerous to do this. They'd advise doing whatever the cop asks & waiting till you can get a lawyer to straighten things out in court. But for me there is no court that can correct certain violations. I'm sure even the lawyers would tell you if a cop demands you perform oral sex on him to refuse. I could be wrong but I think it's safe to say that they'd draw the line there. I just draw my line at a different place. I've went over some of the principled reasons in a previous post. The practical reasons you should be able to guess. After all, if a person fakes being a cop to pull you over then being disarmed might make things too easy for him & much worse for you.

# Stephanie Zacharek at Salon via fairuse fairuse.1accesshost.com - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - at least one reviewer really likes the new Harry Potter flick which opens today. I plan to take the family to a matinee tomorrow. [lew]

Hippogriffs, Dementors and Harry, oh my! Alfonso Cuaron finally decants the essence of J.K. Rowling's work and brings us one of the greatest fantasy films of all time.

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