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From Quotes of the Day:
"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." -- Douglas Adams

Libertarian Party Press Releases - Attacking Iraq could cause domestic casualties, Libertarians warn - it'll damage our economy and the terrorists that are already here will do their dirty work.

"Politicians treat war like every other government program, by overestimating the benefits, underestimating the true costs -- and lying about who's really going to pay," Getz said.

"The truth is that the unanticipated consequences of war pose a clear and present danger to every American, and it's time to be straight about that."

Colorado Freedom Report - Bennett Interviews Boston T. Party - at the Colorado Libertarian Convention in Leadville. Sierra Times copy and comments here. [sierra]

Andy Stow at - Do-it-Yourself Tax Avoidance - do-it-your-selfers are cheating the government out of tax revenue. Shh. Don't give them any ideas. [anti-state]

Charley Reese - The Smallpox Hoax - supposedly, only Russia and the U.S. have any remaining Smallpox virus. So why is the U.S. government making such a big deal about it? [lew]

But nevertheless, there are far more immediate threats than a possible smallpox outbreak, and one has to wonder why the government has put so much attention on it. I suspect it is just part of the administration's ongoing campaign to scare people into supporting its endless war against terrorism.

Roy "Dusty" Rogers Jr. - For the Good of the Country - a screed on the "death tax". [lew]

For example: You paid $2,500 for Trigger in 1938 (an incredible amount then and it took you years to pay oft). When Trigger died, you paid $30,000 to have him mounted like they do in natural museums because you could not bear to put your partner of nearly 30 years into the ground. Now an appraiser says that, since there is only one Trigger, the horse is worth 400,000. That means that you have to pay the government $220,000 to keep Trigger. Gene Autry (a good friend of yours) had a hole dug and buried Champion when he learned from you how much it would cost to have Champion preserved. You are a sentimentalist, and Gene is a good businessman.


Reality is that no family-owned businesses, farms or ranches have the kind of cash or liquid assets that are required to pay a 55% tax burden--only large corporations could possibly be able to do this, which is why when you look around most large farms and ranches are now owned by large corporations.

Barry R. Clausen at Sierra Times - Foreign Drug Cartels In Our National Forests - "A Dangerous Epidemic." - Mr. Clausen whines about organized crime growing cannabis on U.S. property. I sent the following feedback:

The solution to the problem of organized crime in the drug trade is incredibly simple. Legalize drugs. To quote Vin Suprynowicz, "This does not mean that 'Marijuana should be available by prescription.' It means that morphine sulfate should be available in five pound bags at the supermarket for a couple of bucks, like sugar... but probably in a different aisle, to avoid confusion." Overnight, most of the problems associated with drugs will disappear. The only remaining problems will be those self-inflicted by drug abusers, which are nobody else's problem and nobody else's business.

Cathy Mong at The Dayton Daily News - Dozens protest Preble County police shooting - sounds to me like another case of murder by SWAT team. [kaba]

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