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From Quotes of the Day:
"Until you walk a mile in another man's moccasins you can't imagine the smell." -- Robert Byrne

Thomas L. Knapp at Rational Review - Chicken Train - most of the folks in GW's administration who are pushing for a war with Iraq have never served a day in uniform. Mr. Knapp shares some details.

Horowitz, like so many others in the War Party, is referred to by his betters as a "chickenhawk" -- one who, having declined to fight the wars of his own youth, now feels qualified to send others off to bleed and die in pursuit of his political goals.

R. Lee Wrights at Liberty for All - Gun Control Gone Global - the real reason GW wants to attack Sadaam. [trt-ny]

In order to understand what the vice president's words mean, first we must clarify what he is talking about. For instance, what is a weapon of mass destruction? Well, most of the time it is simply a gun of some configuration. It can be a big gun or a relatively small one. In fact, any automatic weapon of any stripe is a weapon of mass destruction. Of course, Bush and Cheney want us to believe Sadaam has all sorts of nasty nuclear and biological weapons pointed right at our back yards; but, if he was only holding an automatic rifle with a banana clip inserted it would be just as much justification for their pre-emptive attack. It is clear that the impending war on Iraq is all about global gun control.


Maybe Sadaam does have big guns, although I doubt it. Even if he does it is certain that his big guns do not equal the American big guns now being brought to bear on the Iraqi people. Maybe Sadaam and the Iraqi people just want to be left alone. I mean, it has been over a decade since America's last war with Iraq. Don't you think that if Sadaam Hussein had the ability he would have already dropped the big one in George the First's lap?

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