The Window War

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 20 Sep 2002 12:00:00 GMT
Mike Vanderboegh at - The Window War - one possible future where bricks through windows prevent bullets through bodies. From Henrietta Bowman's Sierra Times commentary on this story:
I said we should start out with a Window War first, but she did not know what I was referring to. Although I have posted the article before, we have a lot of new readers. This article is about civil disobedience. Imagine, if you will, the effect of bricks bearing the same message, "Abide by the Constitution, or else," were thrown through the windows of almost every politician in America -- not just once, but repeatedly.

Doing Freedom - Take Back Your Freedom!: August 2002. My mirror is here.

Doing Freedom - Get busy!: September 2002. My mirror is here.

Lou Marano at UPI - Study: 3-strikes laws increase homicides - talk about your horrible unintended consequences. [kaba]

Although it might seem that such "tough-on-crime" legislation would increase public safety, the opposite has been found to be true. Felons who calculate they will receive the same punishment for murder as they would for having a third strike, kill their victims to avoid detection and police officers to avoid apprehension.

Steve Bonta at - Reporting to the UN - resolution 1373 has the U.S. and other coutries reporting all sorts of details about how they're combatting "terrorism". Really bad news.

Most alarming of all is a series of questions that ought to give every American gun owner pause for thought. The CTC asks: "How does the United States control the establishment in its territory of paramilitary groups that have the potential to engage in terrorist activities?" Following that, under the heading "Weapons," the CTC presses the inquiry further: "What measures does the United States have to prevent terrorists [from] obtaining weapons in its territory, in particular small arms or light weapons? What is the United States legislation concerning the acquisition and possession of such weapons?" Following a long section in which the U.S. describes to UN officials the plethora of federal gun control laws on the books, the CTC asks: "Does the United States have any means of detecting at the local, as distinct from the national, level activities preparatory to a terrorist act? Are there agencies and procedures at the local level for monitoring sensitive activities, such as combat sports and shooting with light weapons, paramilitary training, the piloting of aircraft, biological laboratories, and the use of explosives for industrial purposes?" In other words, the UN would like to see our federal government empowered to keep tabs on local target shooters, private planes, and sundry other acts of potential "terrorist training."

Jeff Cooper's Commentaries - High Summer - fighting Islamists, unsighted fire, tenth Gunsite reunion, driving considered masculine, express pistol sights, the traditional firemen's pole, hunting the Antarctic leopard seal, cartridge fetishists, decimating a B-17, a defensive pistol in every house, Daddy Bush let Saddam get away, "seeing the elephant", "If there's a war, let's go fight it," 400 percent gun markup, shooting pigeons with an airgun, quality inversely proportional to price, German tourist mistaken for baboon and shot, the need for good rifle training, Steyr Scouts again available, separation of church and state, friendly fire, joking about matters of life and death, justice, high class firearms, slavery reparations, Vince Foster's and Nicole Simpson's killers still free, "The old man who fell in the ditch," Osama bin Lottery likely over, good English, adulation.

Our present service rifle is either the M16, or the M4, which is a shortened version of the same piece. Both are referred to as "rifles," but to my mind the M16 is to a rifle as a banjo is to a guitar.


"To be well informed one must read quickly a great number of merely instructive books. To be cultivated one must read slowly and with a lingering appreciation the comparatively few books that have been written by men who lived, fought and felt with style."

Aldous Huxley

Bruce Schneier's Cryptogram Newsletter - September 15 2002 - AES may have been broken, in the cryptographic sense, i.e. someone may have figured out how to decode an AES encrypted message in less than brute-force time. AntiChildPorn includes "Schneier" in their dirty words list. Stealing a file with Word 97. Many responses to last month's commentary on arming pilots.

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