Tylenol and the War on Drugs

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 29 Aug 2011 18:27:53 GMT  <== Drugs ==>   <== Politics ==> 

Kurt Harris at Psychology Today - thanks to the war on some drugs, many medications that would otherwise be "prone to abuse" are deadly poisons if taken to excess. Hydrocordone is an opiod analgesic, but it's sold as Vicodin, mixed with Tylenol, an overdose of which kills you by destroying you liver. They do the same with denatured alcohol. Grain alcohol, which makes you drunk if abused, is mixed with methanol or acetone, so that it will kill you if you drink it. By so-doing, the manufacturer avoids the taxation and licensing required for selling alcoholic beverages.

The manufacturer goes to extra effort and expense to add poison for the sole purpose of escaping burdensome government regulation and taxation. And the government dissuades you from getting high with a legal drug by threatening you with death.


Note: I advise requesting good old morphine when in the hospital, which is cheap, safe and effective, and requesting pure oxycodone or maybe percodan if you really need it after discharge.

I don't advise taking any drugs for recreation.

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