GPGTools for Mac OS X

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 27 Aug 2011 11:51:33 GMT  <== Computers ==> 

GPGTools is a Macintosh port of the GnuPG public-key encryption package. It resumes development of the inactive MacGPG. It has GPG Keychain Access, a GUI app for maintaining your keys, GPGServices, "Services" menu commands that make GnuPG crypto available anywhere you can edit text, Enigmail, the GnuPG plugin for Thunderbird, and GPGMail, the GnuPG plug-in for Apple's All are 64-bit and Lion compatible, except GPGMail, which doesn't yet work in Lion. It comes with an all-inclusive installer that makes it easy to pick what to install. 23MB. Worked out of the box with my existing GnuPG keychain. Quick to integrate with Emacs EasyPG:

sudo ln -s /usr/local/MacGPG1/bin/gpg /usr/bin/

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