The River Rubicon

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 18 Nov 2007 23:38:57 GMT  <== RKBA ==> 

L. Neil Smith at The Libertarian Enterprise - I didn't totally get the comparison to Rome and the Rubicon, but I thoroughly enjoyed this: [tle]

McCarthy's latest contribution to abusing the helpless victims of violent crime (victim disarmament would appear to be the woman's principal political focus) is House Resolution 2640, which opens the medical records of millions of veterans to the kind of pseudomedical scrutiny that can instantly deprive innocent individuals of their Constitutional rights, solely on the word of some random anti-gun quack.

That's what I said. There isn't any way to say it more politely, nor to accurately describe a loathesome specimen like McCarthy, whose bloodthirsty opportunism and contemptuous disregard for the highest law of the land--the first ten amendments to the Constitution, commonly known as the Bill of Rights--is simultaneously pathetic and nauseating.

Shockingly, disgustingly, this mental and moral miscarriage has actually been passed into law--on an uncounted voice vote--by the House of Representatives last June 13. It is now up for consideration by the Senate, sponsored by another of victim disarmament's usual suspects, Patrick Leahy, with the cheerful encouragement of Charles Schumer, the necrotic heart and soul of the lunatic notion that the most effective strategy for protecting people is to deprive them--at government gunpoint, if necessary--of their best means of defending themselves

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