The American Lenin, 2008

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 12 Feb 2008 19:52:42 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

L. Neil Smith wrote long ago how to tell a libertarian from a conservative. Ask their opinion of Abraham Lincoln. The conservative thinks he was God incarnate. The libertarian thinks he was a ruthless tyrant, and John Wilkes Booth's only mistake was waiting too long.

It's February 12, Lincoln's birthday. The perfect time to re-read Neil's essay.

The fact is, Lincoln didn't abolish slavery at all, he nationalized it, imposing income taxation and military conscription upon what had been a free country before he took over -- income taxation and military conscription to which newly "freed" blacks soon found themselves subjected right alongside newly-enslaved whites. If the civil war was truly fought against slavery -- a dubious, "politically correct" assertion with no historical evidence to back it up -- then clearly, slavery won.

Lincoln brought secret police to America, along with the traditional midnight "knock on the door", illegally suspending the Bill of Rights and, like the Latin America dictators he anticipated, "disappearing" thousands in the north whose only crime was that they disagreed with him. To finance his crimes against humanity, Lincoln allowed the printing of worthless paper money in unprecedented volumes, ultimately plunging America into a long, grim depression -- in the south, it lasted half a century -- he didn't have to live through, himself.

In the end, Lincoln didn't unite this country -- that can't be done by force -- he divided it along lines of an unspeakably ugly hatred and resentment that continue to exist almost a century and a half after they were drawn. If Lincoln could have been put on trial in Nuremburg for war crimes, he'd have received the same sentence as the highest-ranking Nazis.

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