Ron Paul's Inaugural Address

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Johnny Kramer at - An imagination of what Ron Paul might say in January of 2009 were he elected in November of 2008. I think Dr. Paul would give a better speech, but Mr. Kramer has likley got the content pretty much correct. [lew]

"Within 30 days, I will send Congress a budget for the new fiscal year that cuts federal spending by 50% immediately, repeals the income tax and replaces it with nothing, and requires that the budget be balanced. I'll let them figure out what to cut; most of this spending is blatantly unconstitutional and destructive to the average person's standard of living anyway, so overall I'm unconcerned with where the cuts will come from.


"I urge Congress to make the military budget a large percentage of the cuts, as it's the cost of empire and policing the world and is bankrupting us.

"Toward that end, as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, today I will order the complete, immediate removal of all U.S. troops from foreign soil.


"I will be reviewing the evidence for bin Laden's guilt with my Attorney General and his staff. If they agree that the evidence is strong enough to get an indictment in a normal criminal proceeding, if the networks and cable news outlets will be so kind as to give me some time, I will go on television, lay the evidence out before the world, and offer a ransom for anyone who can deliver bin Laden, and any accomplices the evidence indicts, alive to U.S. custody. If you kill any of them, you won't get a dime; we don't execute people without trials here.

"If they are captured, they will receive fair public trials, with all of the habeas corpus and other rights that would be afforded to any American system. I want America to be an example to the world at all times, even trying times such as these.


"Yet the government constantly tells us that we must trade our civil liberties for safety. As Benjamin Franklin said, "He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither." As president, I will immediately begin pressuring Congress to repeal all so-called anti-terrorism measures enacted since 9/11 that infringe on civil liberties, including the Patriot Act and the Real I.D. Act.


"So today I will grant a full, unconditional pardon to anyone who has been convicted of a federal, non-violent drug offense. I will order them all to be released from prison within 90 days -- unfortunately, there are a lot of people to process and it will take some time. I will also restore their full civil and voting rights.

"The constitution only allows three federal crimes: Treason, piracy and counterfeiting. So today I will also begin granting pardons to anyone convicted of any other federal, victimless crime, such as non-violent gun control offenses, federal tax charges, and insider trading.

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