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I couldn't find the actual source of this on Facebook, but some people posted an image including it as comments to Mr. Imsirovic.

Yves Jean-Pierre (https://www.facebook.com/yves.jeanpierre.18):

"Your face telling every thing about you. You vote for him for one reason only. You both are racist and bigotry you and him are white supremacist who love America and want America to be great again"

Muamer Imsirovic (https://www.facebook.com/muamer.imsirovic.56):

"I'm a muslim-born, Bosnian refugee immigrant. I came to the U.S. in 2001."

"But why did I vote Donald Trump? Because 'Murica. Because I piss Red, White, and Blue. Bald eagles nest in my ears. Because when someone sings, O say can you see...", my dick gets so hard I could use it to put another crack in the Liberty Bell, and everytime I pass gas, a mortar falls on a little jihadi fuck wearing a black outfit and waving the ISIS flag. I may have been born into an Islamic Refugee family, but this Turban don't cover up this Red Neck, Boy."

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