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Don Emmerich - a pretty good screed on the theft and violence inherent in the way the state works. Addressed to "my fellow peaceniks".

Let me start by asking you a question. Why are you peaceniks anyway? Obviously because you hate war. But why do you hate war? What makes war so bad? No doubt most of you will respond by saying that it's unjust, that it inflicts violence on innocent people, taking their lives and stealing their property.

Okay, let me now ask you another question. If it's wrong for the state to use violence against people living overseas, then why don't you think it's wrong for it to use violence against those living within its borders? Because, whether you realize it or not, that's exactly what you believe. You see, violence and theft are the lifeblood of every state, even those with dovish foreign policies.


Stop making excuses, fellow peaceniks. It's time you start seeing the state for what it is: a criminal organization whose every action is enforced at the barrel of a gun. Be true to your professed beliefs, fellow peaceniks. Renounce violence. Renounce violence abroad, and, just as importantly, renounce violence at home.

Mr. Emmerich has a bunch more good, short essays at his site. I've added him to my news aggregator, right here.

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